Grit, Fun, and Eisenhower

Currently I find myself working through the biography of Dwight Eisenhower. He served as commander of the coalition forces in World War I. Later among other accomplishments he completed two terms as a very popular president. It's incredible that one of the giants of American history so often received the label of "average." From school... Continue Reading →

Has the Church helped Terre Haute?

Perhaps it was my inner teenager that made me bold enough to ask the question. I just couldn't help it. I looked around the table at men who have individually served the churches of Terre Haute more than 30 years apiece. We disscussed addressing crushing problems of poverty, brokenness and addictions. At the end of... Continue Reading →

Jesus on Rhetoric 

The news from this weekend has me thinking about what Jesus would say. What kind of language would Jesus use? How would He address problems in culture? It seems the plague of racism rides far more smoothly on a current of angry, hateful rhetoric.  I think the following verses provide a few thoughts for the... Continue Reading →

Why I haven’t blogged in a while

My last blog post dates to July 24. Many people respond well to what I write. My post on Keith Schuster received a couple hundred views! I enjoy writing and you all read what I write. So why the long break? I allowed pleasure to eclipse purpose during vacation  July 24 marked the halfway point of... Continue Reading →

Learning to spend time well

"Back up! Back up! Isabelle has few words but these come out often. From scaling playground equipment to plunging into the pool she always wants us to "back up!" We balance removing ourselves to her approval while staying within lunging distance. Today's exercise took place in the Plainfield waterpark. We got to watch Isabelle and Christy take... Continue Reading →

My chance to eat crow

I sat sweating bullets and I knew why. I couldn't just blame the dual heat lamp/non-LED lighting fixtures trained on me. I faced conflict in my heart hearing a chasm between what I knew and what I did.  Part of me couldn't wait for the interview to finish. Part of me thanked God for Matt's... Continue Reading →

Amber Livermore. Fun. Faithful. Fruitful.

Staggering out of the test room I felt numb A biology test just annihilated me. Catching several other test victims we caught lunch. Discovering they shared my experience forced a choice between laughter and tears. Somehow we chose to laugh. Out of four people commiserating that day one remained in the sciences. We all stayed close friends. Amazing how... Continue Reading →

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