Pastor or Business Man

At coffee with my friend Ken today, he asked,  “So is it Daniel, the phone guy, or Daniel the pastor?”  This evening a girl stopped by my house to purchase a phone, and she said,  “I felt safe coming by your house to purchase the phone because I saw that you used to be a... Continue Reading →

God, the Persistent Parent and His Wrath

Sometimes being a parent causes you to backpedal like crazy! I have moments with my daughters where I start to scold them for something they forgot to do. In those moments, my daughters will sometimes remind me that I didn't tell them anything in the first place. When they correct my forgetfulness, I backpedal like... Continue Reading →

The Wrath of God

When we think of God, we think of Him as a loving and kind deity. When we think of God, we think of Jesus loving on children or healing the sick. When we try to explain God to a friend or a family member, we talk about how much God loves us. We talk about... Continue Reading →

Reopening The Church

What reopening our church is like  June 7 of this year, we opened after shutting our doors for ten weeks! The 2020 Coronavirus closed the church doors longer than anything I’ve seen in my lifetime! Looking forward, the experts say the virus might shut us down again. The thought of shutting our doors again saddens... Continue Reading →

Elon Musk

Elon Musk is changing how the world views space travel, electric cars, tunnels and more. Recently I watched Elon Musk in an interview about his new Starship. In this interview, he had a few points.  First of all, the most important thing to do is to ask the right question. Whether it’s building a rocket... Continue Reading →

Responding to the cultural chaos

This morning I'm trying to respond to the chaos in the world around me. Black men and women around the United States are furious about how the culture has systematically mistreated them. This discussion is nothing new. Yet even though we have protests and more every few years, things don't seem to change much. Systematic... Continue Reading →

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