Week; Weak

This week raced by. Another day flew past in the hospital with Isabelle. Her port stopped working so now we have surgery to fix it.  I stand profoundly grateful for the encouragement of friends. I find myself humbled by the mercy and generosity of God. I also experience the work, the humbling work, learning to... Continue Reading →


6 AM Alarm clock rings and Ashley immediately shushes me. She whispers (to a half deaf man😀) something about Isabelle. I make my way through the dark to find Isabelle curled up on the floor behind the door in our bedroom. Facedown, butt stuck up in the air she wandered into our room and fell... Continue Reading →

The danger of Facebook and YouTube

I lived a profoundly fulfilling day today. Yet, Facebook and YouTube deserve absolutely no credit for today’s significance. Quite the opposite, these services (which I use and enjoy) actually make life less significant and fulfilling. Let me explain. The power of a small face-to-face community I got to lead a small group at church wrestling with... Continue Reading →

Evolution, A Few Thoughts

Thanks to a conversation with a good friend I think a little differently about evolution. My tendency as a Christian leans toward reacting against the word “evolution. Too often I see it as a threat to my belief rather than a tool for science. Yet, honestly used the theory of evolution serves as merely a scientific... Continue Reading →


5:45 AM my alarm clock started ringing. I leaned over, shut it off, then mumbled an apology to Ashley. As soon as my head hit the pillow the thought struck me.  â€œWait a second! I have to get up now! Today we go back to Riley.” Apologizing again to Ashley I nudged her awake and we staggered... Continue Reading →

A Day Observed

3am I woke to find Isabelle curled up on our bedroom floor. Scooping her up I returned the sleeping bundle to her room. She still surprises me in the night even though she's slept in the toddler bed three weeks now. 7:30am I woke to find her staring over mommy at me. Time to get... Continue Reading →

2 Questions and a Fact

If you wrote the story of your tomorrow...what would it look like?  Go live that. How could your family, friends, and coworkers improve? Go be that.  God loves you.  Respond to that.

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