A few thoughts missing my church

You don't miss sleep until childcare steals it away. You don't miss good health until the stomach flu arrives in you. You don't miss Christian Community until you can't go to church. Palm Sunday morning in bed made for a weird start to my day. I eased into the day with hope my throwing up... Continue Reading →


One hour ago I stood over the sleeping body of my daughter. Silently wiping her belly I pushed the needle in. Flinching, she rolled over and I crept out. In three hours and 35 minutes I will shake myself awake and sneak back in test to her blood sugar. Tomorrow and each day she attends... Continue Reading →

The Triage

Today holding a baby three days old I wondered what the future has in store for her. I reflected on the craziness of the past 10 months and I contemplated the future. Yet, despite my circumstances I looked into her squinting eyes and felt hope. Many of you have followed our journey with leukemia. Last... Continue Reading →

Rethinking Foster Care

"I really didn't want to foster because of the emotional ups and downs of caring for and losing children. But then it hit me, how much did God love me? That thought changed my mind." -Jason Riggle  Entering the glass entrance and down the hall I arrived in a sun-lit sanctuary. 8 men huddled there... Continue Reading →


2am...not time.  3am...roll over again.  4am...Isabelle woke up, toss her in bed for the last hour.  4:50...time to go!  Isabelle rolled off our bed with more energy than appropriate for such an hour. Barking and dancing she bounced while we packed. 5:15 I love driving on freeways before 6am! The traffic rocks! 5:45 Checked in,... Continue Reading →


Isabelle rests sleeping as she waits port surgery tomorrow. I sit indian style preparing for bed. I hope and I trust tomorrow will turn out well. We get up in 6 hours. Tonight we stay with Ashley's newly wedded brother. Talking marriage I realize how much I've learned (and haven't) in 9 years. I hope... Continue Reading →

How to Pursue Justice

Sitting in a warm minivan, with my sleeping toddler, in driveway of the house I own makes death row seem world's away. Instead of just minutes... Two years after my life began Walter McMillan's life was sentenced to end. As a black man in rural Alabama he received the short end of an ugly stick.... Continue Reading →

Paul Thomas.

Dodging splashes from two squirrely girls I couldn’t help but laugh. Both faces kept dipping into bath bubbles and popping up saying “look I’m Santa Claus!” Twenty minutes later a ball of green and a ball of pink huddled giggling on the hallway floor as both girls dried off under towels. The night finished with my... Continue Reading →

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