A one-eyed perspective on Palm Sunday

We sort of broke the rules this year. But hey, why work at an independent church if don't switch things up? I know some will see this as a major eye-roller but celebrating Palm Sunday a week early is living on the wild side for me. Having absolutely arrested your attention, lets talk about Palm... Continue Reading →

Retinal Reattachment Surgery

Staggering into the bathroom this morning I discovered my vision worsened through the night. A cloud of black now eclipsed 80% of my left eye. I clung to trust in God and the hope of surgery later today. A wrench thrown in the works Everything changed at 10 AM with a phone call. The original... Continue Reading →

A letter to my church

I write you all looking down at the clouds from 30,000 feet and 500 miles an hour. Mountains of clouds hide the ground below. Dark blue above scares me with how little separates us from outer space. The girls chatter in the row ahead and Ashley periodically reminds me how much I owe her for... Continue Reading →

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