5 Things I’m Learning Starting a Church

1.  Never, Never, Never Underestimate the Power of Relationship Development  . Starting a church in Terre Haute 13 years ago was largely possible because of the relationships we had developed with pastors in the area. Since they knew us, and we knew them they were confident that our motives were right and not out to... Continue Reading →

4 Leadership Lessons from Moses

Moses is a fascinating figure! He is a giant in the Bible representing Gods salvation for the nation of Israel before Jesus. He was the man who penned the first 5 books of the Old Testament. He was a leader par excellance. I got to study him a little recently and he taught me a... Continue Reading →

Today at the hospital

I still could not believe what I saw. My wife stood checking in my two year old under a sign which read, "Pediatric cancers and blood disorders." We've probably been here 15 times yet the shock remains. Our daughter has leukemia. Isabelle fluttered around more cheerfully than usual. She hopped up onto the scale for her... Continue Reading →

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