A Dangerous View of Life

Great loss

You are a billionaire playboy. Your friends say that you could out James Bond James Bond himself. You are 28, good-looking and in the prime of your life. Suddenly in the moment it is all stripped away in one accident. One rainy morning you are struck by a motorcycle and turned from James Bond  into Mr. quadriplegic.

You fight to come back for the first year. Then you realize that it does no good. Nine months of PT 40 hours a week give you a little more movement on your finger and that’s it. 

Haunted by your past

There you are. More pain, exhaustion, and pointlessness then you could have ever imagined. Your dreams are the truly haunted by memories of the man you were. You cannot face your future as a man you are. You are not you.

So you come to the decision. It’s not one you’ve ever thought you would make. At least not as James Bond. But James Bond died a year ago in a motorcycle accident. The man he is now stares at you in the window reflection as a shell. You have decided to end your life.

Makes perfect sense! You are your self made man, thanks to the wealth of your family. You have lived life to the fullest. You have crisscrossed the globe. To be confined to this new life for the rest of your unknown days is unthinkable and unworthy of you.

Yet, what if there was more than you? No, I’m not talking about your mom and dad who love you with all their hearts. I’m not even talking about the girl you fell in love with over the last six months. What if you were created? What if the story writer was sitting somewhere and penned out your accident? What if he wanted more of you to live out your life in this new reality? What if he really wanted to see you try and do your best to learn to fullest as this new man?

A different idea of dignity of life

What if the concept of “dignity of life” much more than just a dignified, healthy life? What if it could mean facing with dignity every stroke that’s the story writer pens for you? What if it meant facing your quadriplegia with dignity? What I meant allowing the one who is writing your story the authority with which to pen the last chapter? He did a good job with the first 28 years.

The sad thing about this story line which comes from the movie “Me Before You” is it’s selfish pessimism.The man in the wheelchair, Will is unable to accept himself as the man he has become. Despite the love and affection of Lou he refuses to go on.

I can’t help but wonder how much more he could live if he had a relationship with his creator? The Bible teaches about a life that is far more than our own personal sense of well-being. For a Christian “dignity of life” is about facing with dignity anything that God allows in your life.


In my life I hope to trust God and find value and meaning in what ever he permit in my life. My reason for existence is not dependent on a certain standard or quality of life. Whereas I cannot imagine what it would be like to live with quadriplegia, I do hope my faith would give me a broader perspective on life.

Additional thoughts

A better example

My wife and I know a man who has suffered a similar accident. He now lives a fulle life as a quadriplegic with a wife and two children. It would definitely be worth your time to learn more about him. Click here to learn more about Chris Skinner.

The Problem with “Me Before You

The Guardian did an incredible article about how this movie shines light on Hollywood trend to denigrate those with disabilities. Far too often those with disabilities only shown as tools to provide a fuller life to those without disabilities. Worse yet, this movie portrays that Lou’s life improved dramatically by Will ending his. Check it out here.

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