Life is more than a baseball game

“We have been holding up the whole baseball game waiting for you!” the man said. “Hurry onto the field and get ready to pray!” 

A few warm-up pitches and a prayer later the Rex baseball game was started. I had the opportunity to take my girls to our first baseball game in Terre Haute. I was asked to pray at the beginning and narrowly made it in time for the game.

Balmy weather, dancing daughters, and a fun game ensued. It was great to just relax and enjoy watching the game.

For me, nothing is more boring then watching a baseball game on TV. Yet somehow no sport is more fun to watch in person then a baseball game. 🤔

We saw a few friends and I just enjoyed soaking it in the moments with my wife and girls. It was good. I hope my life is full of more good, simple moments like that.

But watching the game my mind couldn’t help but to go back to the lunch I had at Subway earlier in the day.

Life is about purpose

I got to spend an hour and a half meeting with one of the leaders from the church I serve. Paul Thomas and I schemed and dreamed about how God is going to make the great commission a reality at Cornerstone Bible Church in. By 1:30 PM I was on cloud nine! God is doing incredible things at Cornerstone. I am pumped about the future for our men’s ministry and the potential we have to serve our neighborhood better. 

I left lunch with Paul actually convinced that I was doing something extremely purposeful with my life. We were laying plans to really help men and women! 

Life on purpose feels amazing!

Baseball game moments are important to cherish. But I must fill my life with purposeful  moments like lunch with Paul. God has put me in place to truly serve dozens and dozens of men and women. I need to dwell on that purpose as much as or more than I seek escape in moments of relaxation.

Life is about dreams

Rocking Isabelle to sleep tonight I listened to a Ted talk about a huge dream. Here’s the title (and link):

 “No one should die because they live too far from a doctor.” 

In short this guy has a plan for putting medical healthcare workers in reach of every person on earth! It’s crazy but doable. You really should watch the Ted talk.

Bill Hybels once said this about leadership:

“The leader’s greatest asset isn’t his (or her) time but it is his (or her) energy. … leaders should not spend all their time putting out fires but instead moving important things forward.”

I may not be able to put a plan in place to put healthcare workers in the range of every person on earth. But in Terre Haute Indiana I have the capacity to mobilize man and woman to love well. I get to lead a small family and a small church. Because I am here and I am trying to lead and love well my family is being served and so is Cornerstone.


I really hope to go back to Rex game. We had a great, relaxing time. But I am super pumped about the dreams and purposes God has put in my life!

What about you? Where is God calling you to lead? What can only you make happen? What can you dream?

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