What standing in the gap for a community looks like

Nehemiah saw a gap that needed to be filled. He wept, prayed, planned, requested, persisted, and he solved the problem. He did not just stop in and work a couple years and leave. He worked for more than 12 years to solve the problem he came to fix. The walls he built around Jerusalem stood for more than 500 years. 

Camp Navigate

Eleanor Ramseier looked around. She saw a town full of children needing to develop the fundamental skills that are necessary to be good workers. So, she leveraged all of the connections she had in Terre Haute to launch Camp Navigate. This summer more than 80 children are learning and growing because she stood in the gap. Dozens of college students have been given meaningful and purposeful work this summer because of her.

New Life Community Church

Paul Carey about 15 years ago looked around and saw  a need. While the Walbash valley had more than 200 churches, thousands upon thousands of people still do not have a church home. So Paul launched New Life Community Church. Now, NLCC as part of the landscape of downtown Terre Haute. And Paul is reminding dozens and dozens of people every week about the potential for new life.

Community Christian Counseling Center

Jim Evans saw a need for Christian counselors in Terre Haute. So he used the gifts that God gave him to launch the Community Christian Counseling Center. Now he and nearly 10 other counselors serve Terre Haute with Bible based Christian counseling.

What gap could you fill?

As you look around Terre Haute or your hometown what needs do you see? How could you use your unique gifts and ability to stand in the gap for others? I only shared three stories today. Personally, I could tell you dozens of other stories of men and women who stood in the gap for others.

Here are a few thoughts on standing in the gap.

  1. When you see a problem, take time to grieve and pray.
  2. Allow your prayer and grief to drive action.
  3. Expect oppoposition when you stand for something.
  4. Persist over the long haul.


May God grant me the passion and persistence to see and act on needs. Where could you see and act on a need? Where could you fill a gap?

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