Five things my dad taught me about fatherhood.

To be honest I don’t  feel like a good dad today. I started off the day stressed out and kind of depressed and didn’t make for a happy guy to be around. I was short far too often with Ashley and the girls and stayed down most of the rest of the day.

So I figure tonight I’ll write about my dad. He always at least seemed to have things together. At least from the outside looking in. Maybe by sharing what I’ve learned from him I can inspire myself and you.

Seeking God’s way first really works.

Time after time I’ve seen dad put God first in his life. He is devoted to scripture memory, prayer, and reading God’s word. He really believes that putting God first in his life works. 

And you know what? It has. Over a lifetime God has blessed my father with success in ministry, marriage, and family.

God WILL provide financially.

Time and time again growing up we ran short on money. My dad is a pastor and often did not make much. Yet, countless times God provided for us.

Some of you know that I wear hearing aids. I have worn them since I was five years old. This left mom and dad holding the bag for about 20 years worth of hearing aids. For those of you who don’t know, Hearing aids last about five years and cost about $5000 per set. My parents did not have the money to fund my hearing aid needs.

Yet, I don’t think they have ever paid for a full set of hearing aids.

Every time, God provided in some miraculous way. When the time came for me to need another hearing aid, something would happen and we would get another set. 

I still remember how scary it was when my dad lost his job in 2000. 

Yet in the four months it took for God to lead us to the job he is at now, God provided more money than my dad had ever made in that amount of time.

God has continuously financially provided for my dad. I can trust him with my finances.

The first job of dad is to love mom.

Dad was always the guardian of mom. He loved her and truly enjoyed her company and still does. He always demonstrated to us how important mom is. He was certainly a fun dad but he make sure we knew how important mom was.

Over my lifetime my mom has endured different health struggles. Dad has always been her chief advocate and protector. I respect that and desire to imitate him more.

Dad means fun and loads of it

My childhood was loaded with fun memories of times with dad. He did not take himself too seriously ever. He knew how to laugh and enjoy life.

 Far too often I find myself being harsh with my kids. I never found that with dad. I hope to be better at making life a joy for my girls.

Humility is powerful

My dad is humble. He’s always willing to admit when he is wrong. He takes himself lightly and his relationship with God as a matter of life and death.

 I have limitless potential to seriously messed up my kids. Therefore, humility is important. I need to regularly be willing to admit when I’m wrong and course correct. My dad is an extraordinary model of doing his best regardless of what it costs him.


My dad isn’t perfect. He’ll be the first one to tell you that! But, he’s been at this dad business for about 34 years now and he’s doing pretty good. 

I pray that I have the endurance and faithfulness to press on as a dad. I hope to manifest the humility to make tomorrow better than today. I thank God for the excellent examples he has given me to learn from in this life.


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