How a brownie saved the life of Helen Keller

In the basement in an old mental hospital a little girl was locked in a room. Everyone had given up hope on her. So she lived there with a personality and lifestyle not much better than an animal.

Then something changed

An old nurse who was about ready to retire decided to start spending time with this little girl. She brought her brownies almost every day. Because of this love and attention the little girl turned a corner. Eventually she got well enough that she was able to leave the hospital.

But she didn’t want to leave 

Her life has been so altered by the care of the one nurse and others that she wanted to spend the rest of her life investing in the lives of people in need. She worked around the hospital for a few years until she found out about a family in need.

 The family had a little girl that everyone had given up hope on too.

So this girl, Ann, went to the house to visit this little girl in need. When she got there she saw another girl living a life that she had all those years earlier. 

This girl was named Helen Keller.

History will always remember the extraordinary life of Helen Keller, a woman who could neither see nor here. Yet we must not forget the life of Ann Sullivan. Helen Keller credits her success to the care of Ann Sullivan on many occasions.

 Ann Sullivan would not have been there for Helen Keller if it wasn’t for an old nurse with love and a brownie.


I might just change the future if I take more time to simply love and encourage others. Who could you love on and maybe give a brownie too today?

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  1. Since I grew up as a Brownie and Girl Scout from the age I could join through my Freshman year in college this is a story I frequently heard and loved. I am so glad you chose this example to express the importance of love and sharing. I know that Ann was not a “Brownie”. It is just such a wonderful example of caring my Troop Leaders often reminded us of the heart felt feeling we would experience by love, caring and sharing. As you can tell it has remained with me throughout my life. I hope I have many more years of giving “brownies”.

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