4 Leadership Lessons from Moses

Moses is a fascinating figure! He is a giant in the Bible representing Gods salvation for the nation of Israel before Jesus. He was the man who penned the first 5 books of the Old Testament. He was a leader par excellance. I got to study him a little recently and he taught me a few things about leadership.
4 Leadership Lessons from Moses

1. Parenting Matters!
    * The only reason Moses lived longer than a day is because he had courageous parents. They demonstrated brave leadership by breaking the law to save their child. How seriously do I take the role of protecting my children?

    * Moses never forgot who he was (probably because of his parents). Remember, after his mom weaned him, (probably 2-3yrs old) he lived with Pharaohs daughter as a son. Yet in all the years he lived in Pharaohs household (40+years) he never forgot his heritage. The person I am as a parent will be passed on to my children. 

    * Moses grew to be both a Prince in Egypt and a man who knew where he came from and what God he served. I hope my children can find their place in culture while never leaving their faith. 

2. Sacrifice is Pivotal.

    * Moses had every opportunity to live in luxury, yet he chose a life of sacrifice. Because he chose to stand up for his people (and his God) he became a leader God could use. Moses served God rather than himself and he changed the history of nation.

    * If I am to be a leader as a Christian I must have a calling higher than myself. I must seek God first and be willing to sacrifice my interests.

3. Intimacy is Empowering

    * The Bible tells us that Moses had an unique relationship with God (Numbers 33:11). God spoke face-to-face with Moses. Moses then was willing to face down the most powerful men on earth. He had a higher view of God than any earthly power and that gave him bravery. Moses was far from perfect but he knew God and acted out of that intimacy.

    * If I am to be a leader, I need to have an intimate relationship with God. Only when I see God for who He is, will ministry make sense. Only when God truly is first, will I be the sacrificial leader I need to be.

4. Obedience is Essential

    * Moses obeyed God (eventually) when he was told to go back to Egypt. Moses then obeyed God in bringing the nation of Israel out of Egypt. It was only as Moses did what God told him to do, that God acted in some incredible ways.

    * Interestingly, it was when Moses chose not to obey God that Moses leadership role ended. Remember, Israel needed water and God told Moses to Speak to that rock before their eyes and it will pour out its water. (Numbers 20:8). Instead of just speaking, Moses took his staff and hit the rock. Water still came, but God was angry with Moses for his disobedience. Because of this disobedience, Moses did not enter the promised land.

    * If I am to be a leader I need to value obedience to God. It is only as I obey Him that I will know how He wants me to lead. As I learn how He wants me to lead, I will lead effectively for Him.

I hope that I can be the kind of leader that is used by God. I find the example of Moses both humbling and challenging. I hope you are encouraged!

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