Dr April Rahrig, DO. A little beyond excellent.

I love going to Chick-fil-A! It’s all the little extras. I love when they respond “my pleasure! I feel special when they bring my food to me instead of just yelling out a number. I like the flowers on the tables. I like all the little things they don’t have to do but they do. 

This is also why I appreciate our Pediatric Oncologist. Dr. Rahrig is excellent in what she does. She also regularly goes just a little beyond excellent. She makes our time a little more joyful at Riley Children’s Hospital. 

Today marks a two-year timer until the end of Isabelle’s chemo therapy

If all goes well we will ring the chemo bell June 27 of 2019. Today, however, we were back in for another appointment and more chemotherapy. Part of today was meeting with Dr. Rahrig to plan the next 50 day treatment phase. Or rather it was an opportunity for her to tell us how it was going to go.

Today Dr. Rahrig went above and beyond again and we remembered why we love her.

You have to understand that being a parent of a leukemia child is confusing. Learning about treatment and risks is like drinking out of a waterfall. There is so much to know! Each phase has its own risks. Each phase of treatment also has its own schedule. So, every time a phase begins we get another schedule.

 Most of the time we just get a black and white simple schedule showing way more details then we can keep in our head. At least most of the time when Dr. Rahrig isn’t making the schedule.

When she handed us the schedule for the next 50 days it was so fun! Isabelle ran up to it and wanted to keep pointing out different sticker characters. It was covered with different colors and had fun stickers on it. It’s simply showed our scheduled dates of treatment. But it also showed it in a fun and engaging manner. Isabelle loved it and Ashley and I appreciated the little bit of extra effort Dr. Rahrig it put in.

She actually hand wrote out all our scheduled events for the next 50 days.

This is a pediatric oncologist at a regional Children’s Hospital. I imagine her schedule is packed with kids that she sees. Yet she took the time to hand write a schedule for us and to put little stickers of Sofia the first on it. Ashley and I and Isabelle love that little bit extra.

Thank you Dr. Rahrig! You are bringing joy to our journey!


I need to look for more opportunities to go above and beyond. I need to work to be excellent in what I do. And I need to remember that going above and beyond doesn’t mean killing myself to serve someone. It simply means recognizing a need and serving.

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