The Long Look

Christy limped in the back door crying with a bleeding red dot on her leg. She just got her first bee sting. An ice pack, tylenol, and a couple hours later she started to walk on the leg again. Seeing her pain reminded me how easy a bee sting is to forget…until it happens again.

Happy July 4th!

July 2, 1776 the Contintental Congress voted to break from England. July 4th, the Declaration of Independence was signed. July 9th, General Washington got the news.

6 years of war, death, loss, and struggle followed before the Declaration became a reality. 

Do you realize the British did not admit defeat until 1783? That’s a long fight! That’s a lot of pain that we can easily forget. 

This morning we pasted on sunscreen, packed the water and hit the trail with the girls. 7.4 miles later we gasped to a finish in the 85 degree heat. We made it through another run training for my marathon in November (Monumental Marathon).

My app tells me I have 107 workouts and 550 miles until I can run my marathon. 

Running a marathon requires months of preparation on top of years of fitness. It takes a long look to accomplish a huge task. It’s easy to forget the endurance it takes day to day to make a marathon happen.

Chemotherapy will be finished 2 years from last Tuesday (If everything goes as planned)! 

Arriving home late from a day with family we immediately loaded the washing machine to get clothes going. The first thing she did at the cookout involved asking everyone to sanitize hands. Friday we spend yet another full day at Riley Children’s hospital getting tests and chemo.

Beating Leukemia requires years of hard work and pain almost every day. It takes a long look and hard work but it is definitely worth it. 

Squatting to my knees again I bow my head. Reviewing the long list I lay my day before God. Confessing my sins I wonder if God gets tired of hearing the repeats. Reading His word and learning with friends I try to live in a way that pleases him. Often my faith is at odds with my nature and my world.

Walking my Christian faith is a long, hard process but it’s worth it. 


Great, worthy causes often take a long look. They may require years of hard work, pain and struggle, but they’re worth it. What great cause do you need to commit to today?


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