Life with the Leukemia and other things

2:20 this morning we were finally released from the emergency room. We spent 4 1/2 hours trying to fix a fever! The day did not stop there.

When your child has leukemia fevers mean ER visits. Leukemia and the chemotherapy treatment for it makes your immune system incredibly weak. So, when you have a fever that represents a big problem. A fever signals a fight with infection. Yet, when your immune system fails (due to chemo), you can’t fight it. 

So a fever for Isabelle indicates infection but we know she lacks the tools to fight. 

Isabel’s fever started going up around 7 PM Sunday night. 100.9 means we must go to ER. Around 8 PM we hovered right around 100. At this point we spent half our time on the phone with Riley Children’s Hospital. The constant question remained, “what do we do with our special situation?”

Finally the fever jumped over 100.9 about 9:30 PM. I took Isabelle to the hospital while Ashley packed and dropped Christy off with a friend. 

Five hours of getting stiff sitting on a hospital bed followed. You wait a lot in the ER! Unless you complain of  chest pain’s (so tempting…😀). Finding nothing we left at 2:30 AM with an antibiotic infusion and a prescription for more.

Managing a quick six hours of sleep Monday continued with the doorbell ringing. Ashley and I staggered out to find a mom friend of Ashley’s dropping off some spare clothes. I got washed up and made French toast to improve on a tough start to the day.

The burglary

I got gas and made a quick run to Kroger before heading to the church. On the way I thought, 

“It would be crazy if we got broken in at the church after the night I had..”

I discovered a mess. A thief broke in last night and tore my office apart. The door got kicked in with the wood shards all over. I could barely see my desk underneath a pile of files torn apart. The floor held the contents of most of my desk drawers. 

Perhaps most frighteningly I discovered a crowbar/tire iron on the middle of my desk. It didn’t belong. It’s disturbing seeing a tool someone used to break in.

Ironically they only took the keys to the church and several old iPhones I left on my desk. On one hand they could just be looking for cash. On the other hand they might have a return in mind.

Volunteers changed the door locks and fixed some of the broken things. Yet, my office remains a wreck. I couldn’t find the energy to pick stuff up.

I thought I had a bad day, but Ashley had to mother two very tired kiddos. I appreciate her diligent work. She also spent hours in the car trying to track down medicine for Isabelle.


I’m tired because I didn’t sleep much last night. And worry exhausts you. I feel the weight of the reality that someone was willing to destroy part of the church. I appreciate the men and women who have encouraged Ashley and I. I hope to live well tomorrow.

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  1. I have been behind on my reading and so I find myself reading more recent posts first. Therefore only just got to the actual burglary. Wow! Scary event. Thank God no injuries. Life can be fierce at times. Thankful Isabel is doing well.

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