Burgled and learning from it

Today I tackled cleanup day. I spent hours on my knees picking up papers, sweeping wood shards, and reassembling my office. Ironically this burglary served a great opportunity for decluttering too.

My non-unique problems 

Flattened beneath my desk lay a file I didn’t recognize. The blue folder contained 2 inches of board meeting notes. I got to read the history of Cornerstone from 1989 through 2004. The folder must have lay hidden in the back of a file cabinet.

It’s funny how you can work somewhere five years and still miss things. 

Flipping through 20 years of church history reminded me of an important truth. I will always face problems like leukemia and burglaries. In the middle of life’s storms I need to remember to take a long look. I need to realize the problems I face today are big but many people have faced and overcome these problems in the past. Stiffening my resolve, I set the file aside and got back to work.

You must keep on serving and loving

To the right of the desk lay a manila folder with Hungarian words on it. Flipping it open I found a detailed Bible study on Galatians prepared by a former pastor. He taught a class in Hungary once. 

It sobered me to see something so meticulously prepared hiding in a file cabinet. Someday, everything I do today will be dated and hidden in a digital file cabinet. What matters will remain how I continue to love others and serve God.

Things change fast

I threw away quite a few old computer program CDs. They dated to 1998. I found the receipt to the computer purchased then. It cost $2300 and it ran slower than my phone. Again, things change fast.

I finally cleared the floor and vacuumed the wood pieces. Working my way through the disassembled drawers I discovered all sorts of fun things. I  began full scale cleaning when I realized something.

My bigger priorities today remain serving the church and doing my work as a pastor.

Fires will always flare up demanding my attention. Burglaries will happen. Sicknesses will come. But I need to keep a close eye on my priorities.

  1. My prayer and devotional life must happen every day.
  2. Preparing well to preach God’s word deserves scheduled time.
  3. Care for God’s people is vital.
  4. Ashley and the girls are first in line for the “God’s people” category.

I will have other priorities but I need to guard so that the problems of life don’t displace the essentials of life.


My office still looks like a toddler got turned loose. However, I got a great chance to review some of Cornerstone’s history. And God reminded me how I must hold onto priorities in the middle of chaos. 

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  1. Wow just wow! Today I have been working on things around the house and trying my best to keep a cool head as things keep showing up to be taken care of. Well needless to say I lost it when my husband has asked me about the 6th or 7th thing outside while I was trying to prep freshly shucked corn for canning. After I took care of what he was asking about and snapped at my oldest about how she couldn’t help this time I checked my FB. This entry popped up in my feed. Daniel your right. God wants us to keep our eyes on Him first and then our Family and ministry. Some times it helps to just step back, breath, and take a Quiet moment with God. Then get back to them when fires flair up. I know I’m going to work on being more patient.and take joy for all my blessings today. Thank you for sharing.

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    1. You are so welcome! It is so easy to get caught up in the craziness of life and think that craziness is what is important. In reality, God wants us to focus on him and out of that focus on him to organize the rest of our life. I guess it’s kind of like saying live for purpose first. Focus on your purpose and many other things will lineup. Focus on God and the rest of life makes more sense.


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