Life in the dark!

6:30 PM a sinister contrast appeared in Terre Haute. The air sweltered at 90° while the sky clouded dark. Standing before the YMCA I watched the approach of the towering clouds. Then it hit!

Gail force winds ripped through the trees. Rain overwhelmed the town drianage system. Transformers exploded across the county. Power failed across Terre Haute.

Arriving home the garage door wouldn’t open. It strangely relieved me to see our power out (This saved me from another garage repair job.) The neighbors sat enjoying the post rain weather so we wound through the fallen branch maze to say hi.

Forty minutes later we trouped inside and made short work of bed time for the shorties.

Writing this I gingerly pace the living room hoping my feet will find any dangers (delicately). A black house surrounds my screen.

I appreciate the men and women fighting to restore the power I miss so much. Thankfully my job doesn’t demand fighting the elements. Praying for them tonight.

I like the peace of the silent house. No dryer, dishwasher, or HVAC disturbs the silence. We really surround ourselves with noise don’t we?

“Be still and know that I am God…” Psalm 46:10

God is God. In this silent house I feel my need for Him poignantly.


I pray for quick return of power and protection of power workers. I appreciate the God who reigns over the storms of our lives. I hope to slow down a bit to enjoy the peace afforded this night.

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