Amber Livermore. Fun. Faithful. Fruitful.

Staggering out of the test room I felt numb A biology test just annihilated me. Catching several other test victims we caught lunch. Discovering they shared my experience forced a choice between laughter and tears. Somehow we chose to laugh.

Out of four people commiserating that day one remained in the sciences. We all stayed close friends. Amazing how a truamatic  experience forges friendship! 

I chose Indiana Weslyan university to become a doctor. That test served a big part of God leading me in a new direction. Conceiving of me as a doctor is hard to imagine now (and laughable for my wife).

Another victim of the test chose IWU to become a chemistry teacher. Picturing her in high school classroom now stretches my imagination. Though not nearly as much as the thought of me in scrubs.😀

Amber actually received a call to youth ministry before college. My memory fails me regarding why she chose English/chemistry double major over ministry. I remain forever grateful for this choice.

Biology class with Amber privileged me to a lifetime friendship with an incredible person.

We both transitioned to pursuing ministry the same semester. Let me share below a little of what I learned from Amber Livermore in the following years.


Amber loves to laugh and she loves people. She also possesses incredible intelligence and insane work ethic. The confluence of these traits cost her a lot of sleep. 

I have always marveled at Amber’s ability to super connect with people. You know that Amber cares deeply about and loves you when you are with her. People soak this up around her. 

I also marvel at Amber’s work ethic. She stays fun and loves people. Yet, she works insanely hard to do her best. I’ve seen her sacrifice her health because she is not willing to lower the bar on loving people or being excellent.

In short I respect how Amber balances fun and work. Perhaps more accurately she balances loving people and doing the work it takes to serve them well. 


Amber possesses such an extraordinary love for God. Amber lives a love for God on a close, personal level that I have seen rarely. (I don’t see it often in myself) Many times throughout college she challenged me to a deeper commitment and walk with God.

Amber actually caused me faith stress in college. She and I possess fairly different theological views. We both love God, revere His word, and agree on the basics. Yet the points of disagreement were so big to me I wrestled with how God could work in such a paradox. How could God bless the ministry and life of someone whom I can’t see how they are right in what they believe? (again we disagree on non-basic Gospel issues) Amber showed me the bigness of God. God allowed me to retain my beliefs while seen how He was bigger than I thought through Amber.


From college through now God has blessed Amber’s life with fruitfulness. In short, I have personally watched Amber minister to teens, college students, and adults. She has been fruitful in many ways.

Since college she continued to get a graduate degree and then head up a national youth ministry in New Zealand for years. Now Amber pastors a church in southern Indiana while mobilizing youth for missions around the state.


I don’t intend these profiles to lionize people or inflate them. My purpose here intends to highlight a life lived on purpose. Perhaps, my review of life will spark a change in me or you.

I want to emulate more of what I saw of Amber’s love for people and ability to work.  I want to keep pursuing God faithfully and hopefully see him work fruitfully through me me.

Amber Livermore, a Wesleyan you should know

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