Learning to spend time well

“Back up! Back up!

Isabelle has few words but these come out often. From scaling playground equipment to plunging into the pool she always wants us to “back up!” We balance removing ourselves to her approval while staying within lunging distance.

Today’s exercise took place in the Plainfield waterpark. We got to watch Isabelle and Christy take plunge after plunge into the water and down slides.

Relaxing with a slight red tint to my skin I smile at the day well spent. I needed to spend hours just living as a dad with my family. In the rush of work and Riley visits I get so busy with things to do.

Building block projects

Across the living room sits today’s building project. Yesterday and today the girls and I built something new. Each day we just used up every building block we had to create a masterpiece. This resulted in hours of fun as dad.

Time at the cabin

Tuesday night Ashley and I celebrated our ninth anniversary. The official date, July 5, we celebrated with dinner. Tuesday, we spent the night at a cabin.

We got to stay at the same place we celebrated the first day of our honeymoon nine years ago!

Arriving at 5:15 PM we astonished ourselves with an abundance of time. Normal life involves so many choices. At the cabin we got to spend un-interrupted time relaxing and talking.

We rocked a porch swing for an hour just talking, laughing, and being quiet. I  learned my rocking speed goes way too slow for Ashley’s preferences. I had to sit Indian style on the swing and let her go!

I loved time at the cabin just relaxing and not thinking about what I need to get done. Time well spent at the cabin meant remembering I first am a husband.

Time in the sanctuary

Sitting in the sanctuary of cornerstone relaxed me so much yesterday.

Reading yesterday’s post you might remember that I got to be interviewed for my perspective on a movie. The topic was discipleship and Terre Haute. 

Now, the questions certainly made me squirm and think. However, sitting in the sanctuary without planning a worship service warmed my heart. I think that time gave me space to feel the heart of God’s church.

The heart of God’s church turns hearts to worship. I felt like worshipping while I sat there.

The heart of God’s church reminds men and women of God’s love for them. Sitting in the sanctuary yesterday I felt a renewed passion for showing God’s love to others.


From swimming pools, to building block houses to sitting in the sanctuary  I’m learning to spend time well. I still struggle to stay grounded in the room and not air lift to social media and play on my phone. Yet, one day at a time God reveals to me how to spend time with him.

My official “vacation” continues through next Sunday. I pray, and maybe you can pray for me as well, that I will learn to spend time well. I want to turn my eyes to heaven every day and truly live with and love my family.

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