Why I haven’t blogged in a while

My last blog post dates to July 24. Many people respond well to what I write. My post on Keith Schuster received a couple hundred views! I enjoy writing and you all read what I write. So why the long break?

I allowed pleasure to eclipse purpose during vacation

 July 24 marked the halfway point of my two week vacation. About that time I had a little more time on my hands. The first week of vacation stayed fairly packed out but four open days stretched ahead. 

I relished the free time yet I started to look for the wrong thing. Instead of looking to live my days on purpose I started asking the question “how can I have fun?” Then my idea of fun clashed with Ashley and the girls. Then, things I wanted to do we couldn’t do because of Isabelle’s health. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed my time thoroughly with my family. Yet, The discipline in my life faltered.

You see, when I started to live for pleasure rather than purpose I found myself distracted. I caved to the draw of trolling Facebook newsfeed’s and reading the news at night. I snacked and looked for quick fixes of fun and pleasure. I had plenty of time to write in the evenings but I struggled to desire to write. 

Why I write this blog

I write to process and share what I need to learn from each day. This blog keeps me focused on what is important. It helps me to live on purpose

The stakes

If I fail to live on purpose I will not be the dad Isabelle needs while she fights Leukemia.

If I live for pleasure rather than purpose my church will fail to reach broken people desperate for the hope of the gospel.

If I allow my evenings to be consumed with distraction, I won’t have the capacity to plan my days to help others.


I guess I’m sort of meandering. I intend to resume writing. I hope by my picking up the baton of writing again I will sharpen my focus on what matters. Perhaps what I write will help you.

2 thoughts on “Why I haven’t blogged in a while

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  1. Lovely to heat from you Daniel. Was a bit worried wondering if Isabella was ok. Glad to see you writing again. We all find ourselves in that place sometimes (I invite you to read my last post journeyingbyfaith.com/I-dont-want-to-blog-anymore

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