Has the Church helped Terre Haute?

Perhaps it was my inner teenager that made me bold enough to ask the question. I just couldn’t help it. I looked around the table at men who have individually served the churches of Terre Haute more than 30 years apiece. We disscussed addressing crushing problems of poverty, brokenness and addictions. At the end of our meeting the thought struck me.

“If these hard working, smart, faithful leaders have served for decades, why do I still see so many crushing problems?”

“Has the Church helped  Terre Haute?”

So my inner teenager picked up the phone and called Vince McFarland (a long-time pastor) to ask my question. Below I share his response. I hope it encourages you too.

We have moved the nedle; not hugely but we have. Here is what I mean by that.:

  1. Churches have  been instrumental in the following things (All great ways to get help with drug and alcohol troubles.)
    1. Next Steps
    2. Freebirds
    3. Teen Challenge
    4. House of Hope
    5. Celebrate Recovery
  2. Churches have made a huge impact with reducing abortions–Crisis Pregnancy Center
  3. Churches have and are hosting food banks of all sorts.
  4. Churches are helping to meet utility needs through Terre Haute Ministries.
  5. Churches were instrumental in establishing Habitat for Humanity in our city.
  6. Churches helped establish Community Christian Counseling Center. 

Obviously all those needs still exist; but Jesus kind of implied they would. But our city is better for all those things. …It is hard to measure the $$ impact or the moral impact in any tangible ways but from my observation things are better because of them.-Vince 


Reading through that list encourages me. I thank God for the many men and women leading those ministries he mentioned. I thank God for the Church in Terre Haute. Obviously no ministry and no men are perfect, but Terre Haute is better for the work of the Church.

Now that you’ve seen some of what we’ve done in the past 30 years, let’s make the future even better!

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