What I learned from Dwight Eisenhower

Every week I plead with men and women not to leave the Bible without considering it. Yet I often consume books like hamburgers expecting my body to automatically digest the contents. Yet, absorbing the Bible takes conscious thought and so I shall consciously grapple with what I have just read to absorb, process, and learn.

Yesterday I finished an incredible biography of Dwight D Eisenhower. After one consumes the life story of such a mountain of a man, one should leave having learned something. My only salvation with Eisenhower rests in the fact that those who knew him admit they didn’t even really know him. Nevertheless, here I go.

Eisenhower ironically resembles Steve Jobs and Bill Gates

Eisenhower came into the world at exactly the right moment. Entering the military in his 20s he served successfully and courageously. As a result of service and success in military he happened in the perfect place to accomplish great things when World War 2 came around. 

Jobs and Gates enter the picture here.

Steve jobs and Bill Gates both had the good fortune to come of age when personal computers came into existence. They both have the good fortune to spend copious amounts of time on old industrial computers when such computers were rare. Both men with Eisenhower combined great skill with the blessing of birth. They just happened to come into the world when history could resource their genius. 

Among his many talents, Eisenhower simply arrived in a time that needed calm, excellent military leadership. 

Eisenhower delegated like a pro (like a general I guess)

 Eisenhower learned the skill of delegating and trusting others to execute. Time after time I read how he gave general orders that permitted freedom while retaining control. He’ll only people who work for him to take initiative and learn yet everyone knew that Eisenhower would lead.

He also had this gift of discerning what was most important for him to work on. I think my spending more time discerning this would serve me in a great way as well. 

Eisenhour had extraordinary discipline

Perhaps he mastered this in military life. Yet his life bled discipline. He kept a regimented schedule getting up and going to bed early. He’s was physically active. He was serious about rest time and time to relax and play bridge. He knew how to work hard and push himself to the limit. Yet he only pushed him self to the limit when events called for it.


If I told you “that’s all I learned from Ike.” You would and should laugh. Yet, I find myself at the end of the time I allotted to write. I’ve started 2 books today and I still have another one to review.

 I hope the life of Eisenhower rests somewhere in my head and heart informing the leader I am tomorrow…

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