Problems in Terre Haute

I don’t know what to compare Terre Haute to. On one hand I hail from Texas, Michigan, North Dakota, Ohio, and Indiana. On the other hand my first adult home stands in Vigo County. In other words I’ve lived many places but never invested deeply. Before now.

Unless, God rather dramatically and clearly calls me away I have my home town. Go Sycamores, Fightin’ Engineers, Patriots, Braves, and others!

Since I consider Terre Haute home I want make this highland better.  For me clarifying the problem frames the solution. So below I don’t mean to complain but clarify.

Looking around me I see several problems in Terre Haute:

  1. Multi generational poverty: People can and do live in multi generational poverty. Sometimes on purpose and other times inescapably
  2. Drugs and alcohol
  3. Broken Families
  4. Lack of good workers: I know several business owners desperate for workers, good, honest, workers.
  5. Lack of good jobs. I know it seems odd for companies to have a shortage of workers while Terre Haute needs more jobs. Yet the reality remains we need more well paying jobs for our community.
  6. Perceived corruption: I find this actually does more damage than actual proved corruption. People react cynically to city leadership suspecting corruption around every corner. Of course multiple FBI raids in the news only feeds this perception.
  7. Actual corruption:  This part makes me wonder how we compare. I knew I’ve read stories of embezzlement and theft but Terre Haute has 60,000 people. Every town has bad eggs! I imagine in every case, news of corruption makes everyone doubt everyone. Even though our city has many good, ethical leaders.
  8. Lack of collaboration:  Relationships play an outsided roll in Terre Haute community life. If you get along well with others you can accomplish a lot. If you make enemies you bog yourself down. To a certain extent everyone knows everyone and everyone knows who you can work with. Terre Haute has too many broken relationships and silos where people won’t play well with others.


Coffee at Java Haute inspired the thinking above. I sat planning a community event today with community leaders and a representative from our state ligislature. The enormity of the problems first intimidated me. Then I realized they should intimidate me. Smarter, wiser, and more gritty individual have wrestled with these problems longer than I’ve lived.

Seeing problems rightly means seeing their outright enormity.

I hope by shrinking some of these issues to paper (digitally) I can start to plot their defeat. I’ll start with prayer. Then I’ll lean in, plan well, and work hard to serve my Lord through this community.

Maybe someday bit by bit or all at once a Goliath will fall in Terre Haute.


What problems do you see in Terre Haute? Please write clarifications, not compliants.

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  1. I think you’ve nailed it….good perception and clarity, Terre Haute seems to have a real self-esteem problem. Pessimism abounds, optimism is hard to find. thanks for your insight!!!

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