Read this before you speak that lie!

Celebrating Labor Day reminds me of the day I began work at the largest unionized company in the world. August 2007 I clocked in for the first time at the United Parcel Service. Over six years I moved hundreds of thousands of boxes adding up to tons and tons of weight. Loading semis, package cars and other work left me dirty and exhausted, yet satisfied.

UPS installed respect in me for the men and women working hard jobs to keep America running

Yet at the same time I experienced a colossal struggle for integrity. 

Working for a unionized company meant a constant quibbling over the definition of truth. The truth and expectations constantly fluctuated. The union pushed and prodded and protected unworthy workers. The management made unrealistic demands. I love UPS but I loathed the struggle to tell the truth. 

In the dirty back of a semi a lie might seem a small deal to some. However, as a Christian I cannot escape the colossal importance of truth. I want to frame out the looming significance of truth in the Bible. I hope when you read these five reasons you will no longer see any lie as a small thing. 

Five biblical reasons you should tell the truth.

1: The Bible makes a supermassive big deal of truth.

Spanning more than 286 different verses, the Bible has a lot to say about this idea of truth. From Genesis 3 to Revelation 22 the Bible bookends itself with stories about the danger of deception. Some topics the Bible really doesn’t speak directly to. Truth is not one of them. This reason alone should inspire you and I to take truth seriously.

2: Jesus defines himself using truth as a characteristic.

Jesus said:

“I am the Way, the truth, and the life, no one comes to the Father except through me.” – John 14:6

Peter describes Jesus saying:

“In him was no deceit…” – 1 Peter 2:22

Jesus commissions his followers to make disciples of him. So a Christian should live following one who carries truth as a label. A Christian should live out truth.

Let me rephrase, Jesus thought truth was a big deal. Shouldn’t we?

3: Jesus describes Satan as “a liar… And the father of lies.” 

That quote comes from John chapter 8. Satan tells lies and that defines part of his character. Should you and I imitate God or Satan? In addition, you and I need to live alert to the reality that Satan excels in deception.

4: Deception always leads to destruction and devastation. 

I could take you to story after story in David’s life where a lie he told killed someone. I could point to the nation of Israel and their struggle with idolatry. 

Idolatry means you worship a “false God.” You worship a lie.

I could take you to the New Testament where Jesus’ constant attacks on the Pharisees stem from their deceptive hypocrisy. They added so much to the law that people could not get to God. They perpetuated a lie that you had to work your way to God. Jesus destroyed that lie with his life and death.

5: Lies happen when trust in God erodes.

The Bible challenges us to trust and follow God. When men and women lie in the Bible it means they are grasping control of their lives. They fail to trust God and attempt to control their own destiny. Lies in the Bible always end bad. God gave us the Bible to teach us to trust him.


Don’t lie. I know you feel like you have to. You feel like I did at UPS, sometimes the system works against you. Please, consider the truth of God’s word. Trust Him. Live and speak the truth. 

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