What I did after a day at the hospital.

“Hi I’m here to sell you snake oil and invite you to join a cult.”

 I said walking up to a couple men cleaning a minivan in our neighborhood. With that I began a powerful conversation and wrapped up a long day.

Nine hours earlier Christy began her first day of preschool 2017

Immediately after dropping Christy at school we drove to our oncology appointment. For the first time in a long time we got there early! Then we waited an hour and 15 minutes! 

We learned we should never schedule an oncology appointment after a holiday. Everyone plays catch up on that day! 

While Isabelle infusing in her cubicle with Ashley, I paced the hallways reading. Rounding my fourth lap I heard a bell and an eruption of cheers. I turned another corner to find nurses, doctors, and a crowd of hospital workers surrounding a five-year-old girl. Wearing a medal and a smile she dispensed high-fives. She finished years of chemo today! Part of me envied her and her parents.

The infusion finished, we pulled out the needle, and made our escape.
Arriving home at 4 PM I had just enough time to spend some time inviting folks to church and our block party. So I changed clothes and hit the street around the church.

Part of me wonders why I took time to go out after an exhausting day at the hospital. I blame the little girl who rang the bell. She reminded me somethings are worth fighting for and through. She and her family chose to undergo years of treatment to beat leukemia. 

I know my church neighborhood houses hundreds if not thousands of men and women who don’t know God. Or at least don’t have a personal relationship with Jesus. Because of this fact and others, broken families, poverty, and other problems proliferate. It’s worth it for me to go, love, and make the connection with folks in our neighborhood. If that little girl can fight leukemia for years with her family to finally rang a little bell….. I can take time to love on, meet, and talk to people in our neighborhood.


So going out I met black and white men and women. I met Jehovah’s Witnesses, Ex-Catholics, and folks who don’t go to church. Despite my opening corny line from the beginning of this post I think some of them might actually come to our block party. Maybe, God can use some of us to introduce some of them to Jesus.

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  1. Stay strong as you already are, Daniel. You are a guiding light. You are working so hard to take care of both of your families (personal and church). Wish I lived closer and could be more involved with the church.

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