Why does God allow suffering in the world? Introduction

Our little goose must be the cutest girl in the world. We dropped older sister Christy at tumbling tonight. Isabelle (goose) spotted her through a window and shouted, 

“Sissy! That’s my Sissy!” She then walked to child watch talking to herself, “I saw Sissy! I saw Sissy!” 

Arriving home later in the evening Isabelle stopped in the minivan to hand out a couple tomatoes we received at the YMCA. She handed them to me saying, “Tasty! I eat them!” All the while she chomped at the tomatoes with her fingers imitating a mouth eating the tomatoes.

Climbing down from the minivan she hugged an armful of papers Christy colored. She handed them to me at the door saying “These Sissy’s! I go inside.”

I smile as I write enjoying every memory of Isabelle this evening. 

Earlier today a friend asked me about Isabelle’s health. I explained how, other than tiredness, soreness, and moodiness, her health continued to remain good. Honestly, every time the doctors tell us worst case scenario she ends up on the better end of the spectrum. My friend replied,

“Well of course she must be doing well! She has so many people praying for her!”

While I sincerely appreciated the remark I immediately thought of others who suffer despite prayers. I also remembered that chemotherapy and God’s mercy currently have leukemia on the run. However, it can only take a single doctors visit for this battle to turn. I cannot stomach even imagining the thought of losing this battle…the thought of losing her.

CS Lewis and grief

After losing his wife to cancer CS Lewis wrote a book on grief. In this book he lamented in part his reaction to grief. If he had truly cared about God’s world as he should have, grief should not have surprised him so.


 I hope to never experienced the loss CS Lewis survived. I fully anticipate winning the battle with leukemia. Yet I want to grow in how I understand suffering. Mind you, I don’t want to experience more suffering. I want to think rightly about why God allows suffering so when it does happen, I possess a good foundation. 

I plan to dedicate a series of posts to unpacking this question:

Why does a good, loving, and powerful God allow suffering?

Stay tuned and feel free to interact. I hope to encourage and edify myself and others.

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