Three things to remember when you buy a used iPhone/iPad/Apple watch/MacBook 

Over the past decade I have saved thousands of dollars purchasing used Apple products.I haven’t purchased a new Apple for myself since August 2007. I do this because Apple products maintain value and last a long time. And newly purchased Apple products command princely tags.

I love Apple and I have owned many iPhones, two MacBooks, two iPads, and two watches. Mind you, I’m not rich, and I don’t have all those right now. I simply have collected a lot of experience buying and selling used Apple products personally.

Here are three things to remember when you buy a used Apple product

  1. Look for obvious physical damage. Check the screens, buttons, test the speakers and function keys. Test the microphones and cameras. 
  2. Make sure the previous owner removes the product from their iCloud account. Apple excels at locking down it’s equipment from theft. Practically, this means making sure the iPhone/iPad/watch is removed from “find my iPhone/iPad.” This also means making sure the previous owner has signed out of the iCloud account on the device.
  3. Check the serial number online. It’s fairly simple to go to Apple and look up the serial number for your device. Check the serial number for your device on the Apple website and you’ll see if it is marked stolen or not.

Other than those three things you simply follow all good sense practices when purchasing a used device. Buy in person and pay with cash. 

If you must use an online service, use something like eBay or Amazon that protects its buyers and sellers. Just last month I sold an iPad on eBay and the buyer tried to scam me claiming it did not arrive. Since I was able to prove my case, eBay and PayPal protected me.


I love the treasure hunt of finding a great deal on an awesome Apple product used. Have fun! Enjoy using the Facebook marketplace and Craigslist to find your next Apple! Use these practices to protect yourself and let me know if you have any questions.

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