A Day Observed

3am I woke to find Isabelle curled up on our bedroom floor. Scooping her up I returned the sleeping bundle to her room. She still surprises me in the night even though she’s slept in the toddler bed three weeks now.

7:30am I woke to find her staring over mommy at me. Time to get up.

9:30am we made it out the door. Isabelle and I drove to the hospital. Mommy and sister launched onto a separate whirlwind day.

11:30am we checked in and shortly walked to the access room. Here they connect the IV to the port under Isabelle’s skin. Today went normally until they tried to draw blood. What normally took 5 minutes expanded into a 3 hour period of failed attempts. Finally, thanks to prayers and phone advice from Ashley we got the port to work.

3pm we learned her hemoglobin count meant she didn’t need a blood transfusion. Her white blood cell count still ran very low meaning her immune system is practically nonexistant. And the reason for her chronic exhaustion simple stems from the current round of steriods she takes.

4:40pm we arrived home to find a bee inside. I spent 20 minutes failing to kill the bee. Then I frantically pulled on athletic wear and barely made my class at the YMCA. Ashley and I greeted each other in passing as she took over with Isabelle.

5:30pm I taught a workout class on fumes of energy.

6:30pm I took both girls home while Ashley attended a Bible study.

8pm The girls sleep in bed and I dive into cleaning from the day. Ashley soon joined and we tackled reassembling the house.

10:30pm I sniff away a runny nose and pray I don’t get sick as I write my blog.


I appreciate my wife whose day (not listed here) was way busier than mine.

I appreciate access to such an incredible children’s hospital.

I love teaching fitness classes at the YMCA. They challenge me to personally raise the bar in my life.



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