Evolution, A Few Thoughts

Thanks to a conversation with a good friend I think a little differently about evolution. My tendency as a Christian leans toward reacting against the word “evolution. Too often I see it as a threat to my belief rather than a tool for science.

Yet, honestly used the theory of evolution serves as merely a scientific tool. Chemists and biologists use it to examine processes they observe and attempt to predict how things work.

The process of species and cells developing can sometimes find identification as evolution. Evolution service to identify and theorize about observable science.

Yet, evolution the theory and science have limits. Neither truly have the capacity to speak beyond observable signs. Science cannot answer well the question of beginnings.

Fundamentally, you take the tools of science and apply them to the origin of the universe and you still get to faith. Faith is necessary to see the simple addition of billions of years resulting in creation of impossible life. Faith is also necessary to accept the origin of the universe in an intelligent designer.

So, to the extent evolution serves as a theory to explain and examine current science, it has a place. To the extent evolution is used as a tool to explain universe origins it is insufficient.


The Bible proposes to give the meaning of our life. In part, accepting the Bible’s answers require some faith. That said, evolution also requires faith to answer the question of beginnings. Since faith is necessary anyway to explain the origin of the universe, I choose faith in the magnificent God of the Bible.

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