What you simply must get done.

I really should have seen it coming.

Lying on my back under the kitchen sink I ducked another gush of water. I simply wanted to install an under-sink water filter. Why was I fixing everything but the installation I intended? Looking down past my feet I realized I simply had to get this done or we wouldn’t have water.

The day actually started with car maintenance. 

After church I jacked up the minivan and peformed a regular tire rotation. Checking the records I realized the oil needed changed (about 2,000 miles ago 🙂 ). So I started that job but quickly stalled when I discovered I didn’t have the right oil filter. I texted Ashley to pick one up while out shopping.

Time to put that on hold and begin on the water filter. 

With Isabelle’s health I wanted to up the anty on water cleanliness for the house. So, since Menards ran a 11% rebate sale I picked up a Reverse-Osmosis water filtration system. The box said it would take 1 hour to install 🙂 .

Everything involving the new system worked and went on like a dream (a 3 hour dream mind you.) It was my current piping I had problem with.

First, I knocked the drain pipe down off the garbage-disposal. Reattaching this I broke it. I got another pipe at Menards but couldn’t get it to seal right. Water leaked. Got a new gasket today.

Second, I loosened another pipe connection while fixing the drain on the garbage disposal. Water leaked. I got a new gasket for that today too.

Third, my cold water shut off valve started leaking and now I can’t shut it off. Water continues to drip. Picked up a new quarter-turn valve to put on today. Yay, I get to find my whole-house water shut off valve like all the HGTV shows say I should.

While I worked on this Ashley walked in and I remembered something.

“Honey, you know the vibrating in the brakes, the guys at the shop explained how I might fix it…” 

When she replied I realized a new rule for my evening. 

“That’s great, but what about the slight whining in the engine on a cold morning?”

My new rule: When I’m explaining a problem I worked to fix, you can’t tell me about another problem I didn’t realize I have. 🙂

Really this rule only applies late in the evening after a day of starter problems leading to other ones. By that time I was tired of lying beneath the sink and discovering more problems. But in the middle of all that I realized something important.

Some things I simply must get done. 

I simply had to get water working because my family needed it.

I simply had to get the minivan working because my girls need it.

Other problems will always come up but my family needs me to diligently solve problems for them.

You need to know I’m not really handy….just determined.

I make so many mistakes on every one of these repairs. I spend so much time on the phone with my father-in-law Steve Glover quizzing him on this stuff. I just know that I need to get the job done and doing it myself is the most affordable way to do it.

What else falls into the “simply must get done” category?

Staring at the bottom of the sink got me thinking. I had so many steps to complete! All I knew was the next step. I didn’t see all the steps, just the next  one. This happens in other parts of life too.

I simply must make date nights, deep talks and fun times happen in my marriage.

I simply must show up, unplug, get down on my knees and be dad with my girls.

I simply must slow down, look up, bow down, and read up on my relationship with God.

I simply must keep track of our finances to make sure we don’t overspend.

I simply must pick a new heathcare provider with open enrollment on Tuesday.


I need to pay more attention to see what has true importance. Somethings simply must get done or else other people suffer…or I do.


What simply must get done in your life?


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