Isabelle rests sleeping as she waits port surgery tomorrow. I sit indian style preparing for bed. I hope and I trust tomorrow will turn out well. We get up in 6 hours.

Tonight we stay with Ashley’s newly wedded brother. Talking marriage I realize how much I’ve learned (and haven’t) in 9 years. I hope and I trust I will learn this role of husband better. Marriage takes choices and feelings woven together over years.

I think of my first-born curled up in a princess sleeping bag at a friend’s house. I miss her bouncing and talking and crafting. I think of her whining and the struggles of parenting. Loving her means choosing daily to act out this role of Dad. Sometimes I feel it, sometimes I don’t.

I think of my God, my faith, and my work. Beginning and end I trust in His providence. Trusting in Jesus takes this thing called faith.

Like surgery, marriage, and parenting sometimes I feel my faith, sometimes actions come first.

Today I chose to trust God; tomorrow I walk out my faith again.

Experiencing and trusting.

Learning and loving.

I love this life of faith.


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