Don’t fear fear!

Everything stopped when she saw the needle approach. Despite surviving literally hundreds of shots this year Christina could barely handle the thought of the sensor needle approaching. It took my full 200 pounds laying on her to complete a very quick, simple, low pain sensor replacement.

She feared the thought of the injection more than the injection actually hurt.

Seriously, she barely flinched when I pushed the needle in and immediately removed it!

I do the same thing.

Giving blood every nerve in my body screams at me until the needle goes in. Half the time I don’t feel it thanks to amazing nurses. Yet I still fear.

Speaking to a stranger to invite them to church my mind scrambles to convince me that death looms. Yet time after time I discover people in Terre Haute don’t bite. Fears routinely don’t match reality.

I fear making mistakes with finances or with how I do my job. Yet time after time I find people forgiving with mistakes. I find the closer I get to fixing my mistakes I realize the only thing I had to fear was fear itself.

Zig Ziglar always called fear an acrostic:

“False Evidence Appearing Real”

I love that! So many times the evidence my brain points to really lies to me. I have many more fears in my head than those that come true in reality.

Franklin Roosevelt said:

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

I never thought how true this rang before today! The problem tonight wasn’t the needle Christy couldn’t handle the thought of the needle.

I haven’t figured out how to help Christy conquer her fears… But I have thought about my faith.

The verse above points out that Christians should not have a spirit of fear. Yet far too often I fear talking about my faith, I fear my own struggles, I fear the future.

Yet, I need to realize the bigger problem is my fear and not the struggle itself.

I know God provides for my needs. I know in 32 years the vast majority of my fears haven’t come true. I need to fear less and get busy loving others with power and a sound mind.


Bad things do happen. People hurt you. Needles will continue to hurt. Through it all the fear will always dwarf the reality. Focus on the reality.

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