The best bang for your church advertising buck.

Today I delivered 100 invites to 100 families in 47 minutes. It didn’t cost a penny more than the cost of paper and toner. I personally talked to over a dozen people inviting them to church. 80 plus more families had the chance to hear about our church and read a friendly invite.

Advertising on foot beats the socks off digital advertising

Over the last week I spent $25 to get 1328 people to read a short ad on Facebook. This took place over 7 days. See below:

That’s pretty good but I got a much longer invite to 100 families (not just individuals) in 47 minutes for free (Probably about $1 for supplies & I spent a whole lot of sweat.). See Below: (This is the flyer I handed out)

The noise online actually makes in person advertising more effective.

Think about it. You and I get deluged with notifications, emails, videos and blurbs. So much noise comes in through our devices we get good at tuning it out.

Ironically, I actually enjoy getting junk mail delivered by the postal carrier. I like the thought that someone paid real money to send me something (instead of clicking a button somewhere.) I actually take a minute to skim junk mail before tossing it. (I barely notice many ads online.)

Personally I respect someone with the guts to ring my doorbell and try to make a sale. Naturally I don’t want an annoyance or someone who ignores my request to leave. But I respect someone who believes in their “product” enough to tell me about it.

People reacted with respect and not anger.

I think the biggest fear I feel going out to leave fliers is getting a bad reaction. I fear offending someone or giving the church a bad name. Yet repeatedly people respond kindly when I talk to them. It’s like they respect the effort I put forward.

The limitation of in-person advertising versus online

One major limit to this form of getting the word out is real, physical limits. It’s true I did reach 100 households in 47 minutes but I also ran. At that rate I would have to run for 10 hours straight to match my facebook ad. (Or recruit more people)

I do recognize the difference between “advertising” and “evangelism.”

Today I literally ran between houses stopping only to talk briefly with anyone I met. I didn’t knock on every door and I didn’t pack my Bible to “minister” to people. I just wanted to get the word out about an awesome community down the road. A community called Cornerstone Bible Church.

As a Christian, we don’t offer a product as much as a community and message. Yet we still need to bend every effort and method to let our neighborhoods know we exist and love them.


I think a both/and solution best represents the way forward. I intend to use Facebook and Instagram as much as possible to share about God’s church. I also will keep using real in-person blood, sweat, and tears to get the word out.

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