What a pastor should remember on vacation

Between packing sunscreen for the Plainfield waterpark and running socks for the Frankfurt 5k my writing time got squeezed short recently. I think it’s a sign of right vacation priorities.

Since I didn’t have time to make my own list I asked several friends. Today’s list originates with much older 😀 and wiser pastors than me. These men share more than a century of ministry experience and I respect them personally.

Dennis Ticen (Mount Pleasant UMC, Terre Haute) wrote:

  • Unplug
  • Focus on the now
  • Turn off the phone if possible
  • Stay off Facebook and other social media
  • Live in the moment especially when you have little kids

Those Moments (with little kids) only come once.

    Trust that God can take care of your people as good as (better than!) you.

You will be a better pastor when you have had time to rest, relax and renew.

  • Read something for fun!
  • Take a long walk with your spouse.
  • Play a game.
  • Take a nap.

Don’t feel guilty!

Bruce Bryan (dad) (Pleasant Hill Church, Union City, IN) wrote:

    Remember you are not irreplaceable. The church will go on without you. It’s Christ’s Church, not yours.
    Remember that you are a Christian first, then a pastor. You are not taking a vacation from your relationship with Christ. Do those things a good Christian would/should do on vacation.
    Remember your wife and kids need a break from the pressures of pastoring too. Make this time refreshing for them too.
    Remember to reflect on God’s goodness to you during the past year.
    Remember to let your family know that they are more important to you than even your church and that it is they, and not the church, who get to go away with you alone.
    Vacation is a good time to reset priorities and family priorities.

Vince McFarland (Maryland Community Church, Terre Haute)

I think you need not to think! Seriously, just get away and disengage. My best advice


Following a century of vacationing wisdom I’ve got nothing to add. Thanks guys!

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