A few thoughts on Apple Christmas 2019

Blissfully cornered in a local Starbucks with a supply of dark roast with peppermint syrup I settled in for Apple Christmas. This year I joined a fellow enthusiast as we reviewed the launch live as it unveiled. The following stands out to me as essential highlights from Today’s Apple event.

I will skip mentioning the Arcade announcements because I don’t care about gaming on my phone.

Apple TV+

I can’t think of a single “must watch” show on Apple TV right now. That said, when a Trillion dollar company decides to dive into content creation full force, I pay attention. They announced and previewed several new shows, including the star-studded. I have to admit “The Morning Show” and “See” look pretty neat. (Thanks to the presence of Steve Carrel, Jennifer Aniston, and Jason Mamoa).

The service will only cost $4.99/month to start.

I still don’t think this service has any must-see shows, but I’m intrigued by the value here and will probably try it out at least.

Apple Watch Series 5

One thing stands out here the watch is always on! I love the fact that my watch face will always stay on. I love that I will see the time inside glances. I love that my workout numbers won’t disappear mid-pushup. I love that I won’t ever have to do the second arm-raise flick. I love this change! Way to go Apple.

They also added compass functionality and beefed up the 911 connectivity of the watch. That said, the game change lays in the display.

The new iPad

They turned up the midrange iPad. They made it bigger, gave it an optional keyboard. They made it Apple Pencil compatible. Best of all, they priced it at just $329! They packed the iPad with features and sold it at an incredibly low price. I think this will help schools out by offering iPads to students.

I only hope from a repair perspective that the screen glass isn’t fused to the LCD. Non-fused screens make repairs so much cheaper.

iPhone 11

They added a second camera and made a replacement for the iPhone XR. Indeed a cute and well-valued phone.

iPhone Pro and Pro Max

These two phones added a third camera. The real kicker in these phones, as well as the iPhone 11, comes from the wide-angle lens. Instead of just another level of zoom, the new camera lens takes a broader angle. They made a real big deal out of this being a pro device with a sharper screen. This might be the case, but I think most pros will still buy separate cameras for their shoots rather than using their $1000 phone.


I don’t think either the iPhone pro or 11 phones pack enough punch to warrant moving up from my Xs Max. I love the inexpensive new iPad. Apple Watch 5 made me want to throw my Series 3 away today. I can’t wait to upgrade my watch early next year. Finally, I look forward to trying out Apple TV in the future.

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