So Many Needle Marks!

It shocks me still that this will never end. I have to search through a sea of needle marks and sore skin to find yet another clear spot. I hate marring her beautiful 7-year-old skin with yet more needles and adhesives.

The double death
Tonight we discovered her transmitter battery died. This death coincided with the latest pump site change. This double threat means 20 minutes of peeling adhesive, assembling piles of supplies, and two needles.

Two kinds of scars.
Christina blows me away by taking the pain with such calm. But I still wonder what hurts she accumulates in the process. Will she have psychological scars to match the many many needles marks?

God’s provision
I take comfort in knowing that God uses our pains to mature and grow us. In 2 years, diabetes has created a ton of maturity in my birthday buddy. I trust God tonight with the lifetime of needles ahead for my girl.

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