Living as a Christian During the Pandemic

How do we live well as Christians in our world? Ironically we’ve always asked this question, but today it feels new and radical.

Jesus called us to Love God with our heart, soul, and mind and to love our neighbors as ourselves.

Coronavirus hasn’t limited our access to God at all. Through the internet and devices, anyone can access a Bible. Prayer happens anywhere. The warming seasons also make it really easy to enjoy God outside in His creation. If anything, this Pandemic invites us to own our connection with God. We can’t import spirituality from the people around us, we must look to God.

Now the loving our neighbors command is what takes creativity these days. Air hugs don’t feel the same. Masks make it a lot harder to communicate empathy with your face. With a constant barrage of orders to stay isolated, you just can’t quickly love your neighbor. Acts of love or service take a lot more planning and work.

Interestingly this Pandemic may teach us a healthy new way to care for each other. No one really enjoys getting lumped into a group and given a generic message of care. We want to be seen. We want someone to really know us as individuals. These days it’s tough to care for masses of people. Thanks to technology connecting with individual people is easier than ever.

As Christians, we need to get comfortable making more phone calls, video chatting, and investing in the relationships in our lives. We must cultivate a deep cynicism about the value of social media. We must foster a love for talking and communicating directly with other people.

Don’t miss the point here, loving people takes intentional effort now. We won’t run into them in church or at Kroger. We need to grow systems and habits where we care for the neighbors in our lives.

Don’t worry. First of all, Jesus told us not to worry about our lives. What I mean here is, don’t worry about the time and effort it takes to love people in this new world. I know that stopping to visit someone or making a call can take a lot of time. But think of how valuable direct contact with someone is. You can scroll Facebook for hours and not get as much encouragement as you receive from five minutes talking with a friend.

How do we live during the Pandemic?

We realize we are responsible for the state of our relationship with God. Not anyone else. Therefore we pursue God with all the tools we still have.

We intentionally foster habits of connecting with other people. We work to figure out how to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. We don’t spray our love across social media; we specifically love one person at a time.

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