How to start a phone repair business on the side that earns thousands of dollars per month. 

Over the last four years, I’ve built a business repairing devices such as phones, tablets, computers, and TVs in my spare time. I’ve grown from having a hobby bringing in a few $100 a month to a business that employs three workers and brings in thousands of dollars in revenue and a good amount in profit every month. I’ve done this all while working full-time as a pastor.

I believe anyone who loves working with people and is reasonably proficient at working with their hands and learning from YouTube can do just what I did. I intend to show you how to do what I did so that you can do the same if you’re interested. Sound good?

I believe in today’s economy more than ever; we need more small businesses and entrepreneurs stepping up to solve problems. And in today’s digitally connected world, we need men and women able to provide service for these devices. We don’t need more mega-companies; we need invested, local businesses.

So, stay tuned in, and in the upcoming weeks, I will unpack my journey from a hobby to the highest-rated repair company in the Wabash Valley.

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