Pastor or Business Man

At coffee with my friend Ken today, he asked, 

“So is it Daniel, the phone guy, or Daniel the pastor?” 

This evening a girl stopped by my house to purchase a phone, and she said, 

“I felt safe coming by your house to purchase the phone because I saw that you used to be a pastor.” 

So who is Daniel Bryan? 

Is Daniel Bryan a business owner or a pastor? 

Two comments in one day got me thinking, which led to a bit of writing, and that’s why you’re reading this blog. 

Two thousand years ago, the apostle Paul devoted his life full time as a missionary proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ around the world. He also made a living making tents. 

I am employed full-time as a pastor. I love and serve my local community at 65 Home Avenue. I’ve had the honor of being the pastor at Cornerstone Bible Church for the last decade. I am a pastor. 

I’m also a pastor of a small church community who has found her numbers shrunk thanks to the pandemic. Despite profound generosity on behalf of my church community, I’ve taken pay cuts over the last four years. 

What do you do when your salary does not support your family?

So what do you do as a pastor when your Salary does not provide enough to support your family? Do you pray and wait to see how God provides? Or do you pray and look around yourself to see what resources God has put in your path? I chose to pray and look and act. 

Four years ago, I chose to start a little business to help provide for my family. I wanted to stay in place and keep serving the community God called me to. I also wanted to provide for my family. The solution for me to do and deliver was to innovate on the side. 

Nowadays, thanks to the blessings of God, my business is growing and steadily provides for my family’s needs. Simultaneously our church continues to struggle to find our identity in a post-COVID world. 

I know across the United States, churches have lost nearly 25% of their members. And I’ve also heard that almost 40% of pastors have retired. Ministry has always been challenging; today, it’s complicated with fewer people. 

I believe more and more pastors must innovate by producing income with a side business. To continue to serve in small communities, we need to do what we can to provide for our families. Perhaps in some places, trusting God to give means praying and then looking for a miracle. But in most cases, I find that trusting God to provide involves praying and working, and following God’s leading while moving. 

So who am I? 

Throughout the week, you will find me spending hours studying God’s word and preparing to preach and teach a couple of times every week. You will find me making calls and visiting and leading worship on Sundays. You will find me fixing phones and encouraging around 50 strangers a week who visit my house for phone repairs. I will often post about my business, my church, my family, and dad jokes on social media. 

I am a pastor, a husband/father, and I am a tentmaker who repairs phones. 

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  1. I think you have found the best of both worlds. Bi-vocational ministry is becoming the norm outside of big cities. You are smart enough to have found a good gig that gives you the flexibility to attend to your ministry and congregation and still provide for your family.

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