Plumbing and Insurance–Fearful Topics

Racing into kitchen I found a floor flooded with hot water. Christy and Isabelle sat perched on chairs staring under the kitchen sink. Rushing out again I shoved the valve shut and grabbed every towel in the house. With all the water in the house out of commission and my feet soaked from the floodContinue reading “Plumbing and Insurance–Fearful Topics”

What I did after a day at the hospital.

“Hi I’m here to sell you snake oil and invite you to join a cult.”  I said walking up to a couple men cleaning a minivan in our neighborhood. With that I began a powerful conversation and wrapped up a long day. Nine hours earlier Christy began her first day of preschool 2017 Immediately afterContinue reading “What I did after a day at the hospital.”

Reaction? No reaction.

The day begin with the wrong alarm. I woke up late hearing Ashley’s alarm and discovered my alarm read 7:15p.m.. Rolling out of bed I dove into a surprising day. Entrusting Christy to a trusted friend we hit the road for Riley. Pulling into the garage we surprised ourselves with a third-floor spot. Typically roof-parkersContinue reading “Reaction? No reaction.”

Life with the Leukemia and other things

2:20 this morning we were finally released from the emergency room. We spent 4 1/2 hours trying to fix a fever! The day did not stop there. When your child has leukemia fevers mean ER visits. Leukemia and the chemotherapy treatment for it makes your immune system incredibly weak. So, when you have a fever thatContinue reading “Life with the Leukemia and other things”

Isabelle Bryan Goose. Girl. Grit.

A lot of people ask Ashley and I the  meaning behind #GooseStrong. Ashley usually rolls her eyes (at me) and then I explain. This blog will be a bit of an explanation while I share what I have learned from my youngest daughter. Goose Isabelle’s life has been full of health problems. But you would neverContinue reading “Isabelle Bryan Goose. Girl. Grit.”