Today at the hospital

I still could not believe what I saw. My wife stood checking in my two year old under a sign which read, "Pediatric cancers and blood disorders." We've probably been here 15 times yet the shock remains. Our daughter has leukemia. Isabelle fluttered around more cheerfully than usual. She hopped up onto the scale for her... Continue Reading →

Something you cannot afford to forget

I almost drove off the road. Catching myself I swerved into the Dunkin Donuts parking lot.  "What did you say?!" I said. "Isabelle has Leukemia," Ashley replied. Without bruising, sickness, or exhaustion, my two-year-old was diagnosed with a deadly disease. She acted perfectly fine! Weeks and weeks of surgery, chemotherapy, steroids and other drugs followed... Continue Reading →

Learning from Leukemia

In answer to my question the girl pulled up her pant leg to reveal scars covering her calve muscle. "I want to be a PA because I fought cancer here when I was in high school." I looked over at our Pediatric Oncologist April and then back to the girl who was shadowing her today.... Continue Reading →

Standing in the Gap

It was man versus machine! Waking up this morning I realized my daughter still did not have insurance because a machine said she cannot have it for another 28 days. I immediately rolled out of bed with the alarm clock as I do every day. But I had to lay down for another 10 minutes... Continue Reading →

What I learned from leukemia today

The day began with a shout! Ashley elbowed me awake to tell me that our two-year-old was bouncing in bed and yelling "daddy" at the top of her lungs. It was 6:30 AM. I stumbled into the girl's shared room to see Isabelle standing there with a smile and Christy trying to put a pillow... Continue Reading →

My surprising prejudice 

Ashley and I took the girls to Ritter's frozen custard tonight it was a balmy, sunny evening – 81° and beautiful weather for frozen custard. We got our treats and then walked across the courtyard to find a seat. Christy and I got to the table first and I sat down and turned around. I... Continue Reading →

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