So Many Needle Marks!

It shocks me still that this will never end. I have to search through a sea of needle marks and sore skin to find yet another clear spot. I hate marring her beautiful 7-year-old skin with yet more needles and adhesives. The double death Tonight we discovered her transmitter battery died. This death coincided with... Continue Reading →

Leukemia, Social Media, and Escapism

Sprawled on the floor of the hospital, I surprised myself with disappointment. Dr. Pradha had just detailed how Isabelle didn't have Leukemia! A whirlwind of thousands of prayers over five days ´┐╝ had resulted in victory! Lurking in the celebration lay the faintest hint of something that didn't sense. March 10, 2017 Six days before... Continue Reading →

Drugs and Exhaustion

As I looked´┐╝ up from my laptop, the room swam before my eyes. I felt like my head, and the pain inside had somehow distanced itself from the rest of my body. Then I panicked, I had a funeral to lead in a few hours! This space cadet moment resulted from me trying to deal... Continue Reading →

Faith in a health storm

A storm collided with our lives three years ago, and it hasn't stopped since. March 11, 2017, a pediatrician visit snowballed into an ambulance ride to Indianapolis. April 18, 2017, I nearly swerved off the road with the words "Isabelle has Leukemia." January 26, 2018, Ashley takes two steps back in a game of pickleball... Continue Reading →

Friends in a Health storm

In a moment, I changed from apologizing for coming to shocked at what I faced. Everything started on Tuesday. I couldn't shake the feeling that something was off in my eye. The one I had surgery on. Wednesday morning, I called the doctors office. I struggled to describe the situation because it wasn't that bad.... Continue Reading →

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