Erin Gregory @ The YMCA

By the Wabash River in Fairbanks Park sits an old YWCA building. For the past 6 years a resurrected YMCA has given this building life. This life arrived through the hard efforts of leaders such as Deb Ringo and Eleanor Ramseier and others. Over the last couple years this YMCA has gone through some major... Continue Reading →

Paul Thomas.

Dodging splashes from two squirrely girls I couldn’t help but laugh. Both faces kept dipping into bath bubbles and popping up saying “look I’m Santa Claus!” Twenty minutes later a ball of green and a ball of pink huddled giggling on the hallway floor as both girls dried off under towels. The night finished with my... Continue Reading →

Donald and Anne Nelson

How can these two realities coexist?! One family endures some of the greatest tragedies possible while still stepping up to  form pillars of the church at the same time!? About four years back a man with military haircut and his talkative wife 😉 followed two energetic girls into our church.  Fresh in town, they had... Continue Reading →

Amber Livermore. Fun. Faithful. Fruitful.

Staggering out of the test room I felt numb A biology test just annihilated me. Catching several other test victims we caught lunch. Discovering they shared my experience forced a choice between laughter and tears. Somehow we chose to laugh. Out of four people commiserating that day one remained in the sciences. We all stayed close friends. Amazing how... Continue Reading →

Isabelle Bryan Goose. Girl. Grit.

A lot of people ask Ashley and I the  meaning behind #GooseStrong. Ashley usually rolls her eyes (at me) and then I explain. This blog will be a bit of an explanation while I share what I have learned from my youngest daughter. Goose Isabelle's life has been full of health problems. But you would never... Continue Reading →

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