Amber Livermore. Fun. Faithful. Fruitful.

Staggering out of the test room I felt numb A biology test just annihilated me. Catching several other test victims we caught lunch. Discovering they shared my experience forced a choice between laughter and tears. Somehow we chose to laugh. Out of four people commiserating that day one remained in the sciences. We all stayed close friends. Amazing how... Continue Reading →

Isabelle Bryan Goose. Girl. Grit.

A lot of people ask Ashley and I the  meaning behind #GooseStrong. Ashley usually rolls her eyes (at me) and then I explain. This blog will be a bit of an explanation while I share what I have learned from my youngest daughter. Goose Isabelle's life has been full of health problems. But you would never... Continue Reading →

Vern Cook. Laughter. Lyric. Legacy.

In the woods south of town lives an 89-year-old man. In a 100-year-old house. With a 200-year-old cabin attached to the back. His name is Vern Cook and he is leaving a legacy. I spent this morning with my squirrelly daughter Isabelle. With a pudgy smile and a constant stream of jibber jabber I chased... Continue Reading →

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