A Dangerous View of Life

Great loss You are a billionaire playboy. Your friends say that you could out James Bond James Bond himself. You are 28, good-looking and in the prime of your life. Suddenly in the moment it is all stripped away in one accident. One rainy morning you are struck by a motorcycle and turned from James... Continue Reading →

Purpose beats pain!

Tonight while watching a movie with my family I wished for the thousandth time in the past week that my pain was gone. With phlegm in my throat and a cough in my lungs I have been fighting cold symptoms for the last week. Adding insult to injury I went to a fitness class last... Continue Reading →

Deadly Men

Think about the terror strikes in the United States over the last decade. Everyone of the shootings, bombings, stabbings, and etc. have been perpetuated by men. Of course, there are exceptions but it remains that many of the most deadly attacks have been perpetuated by men. Think about the industries that have caused systematic harm... Continue Reading →

Doubly Counter-Cultural

  Imagine if you will that you  left the United States and lived in Europe for a decade. You haven't been back to the stage for a long long time. Upon returning and moving back to the states you discover that instead of churches meeting and people worshiping on Sundays people worship and gather on Monday... Continue Reading →

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