Life in the dark!

6:30 PM a sinister contrast appeared in Terre Haute. The air sweltered at 90° while the sky clouded dark. Standing before the YMCA I watched the approach of the towering clouds. Then it hit! Gail force winds ripped through the trees. Rain overwhelmed the town drianage system. Transformers exploded across the county. Power failed across... Continue Reading →

Burgled and learning from it

Today I tackled cleanup day. I spent hours on my knees picking up papers, sweeping wood shards, and reassembling my office. Ironically this burglary served a great opportunity for decluttering too. My non-unique problems  Flattened beneath my desk lay a file I didn't recognize. The blue folder contained 2 inches of board meeting notes. I got... Continue Reading →

Life with the Leukemia and other things

2:20 this morning we were finally released from the emergency room. We spent 4 1/2 hours trying to fix a fever! The day did not stop there. When your child has leukemia fevers mean ER visits. Leukemia and the chemotherapy treatment for it makes your immune system incredibly weak. So, when you have a fever that... Continue Reading →

The Long Look

Christy limped in the back door crying with a bleeding red dot on her leg. She just got her first bee sting. An ice pack, tylenol, and a couple hours later she started to walk on the leg again. Seeing her pain reminded me how easy a bee sting is to forget...until it happens again.... Continue Reading →

Isabelle Bryan Goose. Girl. Grit.

A lot of people ask Ashley and I the  meaning behind #GooseStrong. Ashley usually rolls her eyes (at me) and then I explain. This blog will be a bit of an explanation while I share what I have learned from my youngest daughter. Goose Isabelle's life has been full of health problems. But you would never... Continue Reading →

Three words to change your life

What three words would they be? " What three words would cause a fundamental change in who you are?  For more than 2000 years Christianity has been at the epicenter of life  change. Sure, there were times the church coasted on power. Caricatures dominated the landscape. Yet, the reason the church has the growth and... Continue Reading →

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