A few thoughts on Bill Hybels

October 12, 1975 Bill Hybels founded Willow Creek Community Church. 43 years later Willow Creek averages 25,000 people per Sunday. In 1992 Bill Hybels led the founding of the Willow Creek Association and the Global Leadership Summit. Today the summit averages nearly half a million attendees annually. Calling this man a giant in the Church... Continue Reading →

What a pastor should remember on vacation

Between packing sunscreen for the Plainfield waterpark and running socks for the Frankfurt 5k my writing time got squeezed short recently. I think it's a sign of right vacation priorities. Since I didn't have time to make my own list I asked several friends. Today's list originates with much older 😀 and wiser pastors than... Continue Reading →

Erin Gregory @ The YMCA

By the Wabash River in Fairbanks Park sits an old YWCA building. For the past 6 years a resurrected YMCA has given this building life. This life arrived through the hard efforts of leaders such as Deb Ringo and Eleanor Ramseier and others. Over the last couple years this YMCA has gone through some major... Continue Reading →

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