George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery

George Floyd was taken into custody outside a store and killed because he might have matched the description of someone with a warrant. Ahmaud was taken at gunpoint while running by two men and shot because he might have matched the appearance of someone with a warrant. Police officers and former police officers killed George... Continue Reading →

Busyness is Meaningless

“Busyness is meaningless, what matters is doing things that matter” -Cal Newport I read this quote several days ago, and it stopped me in my tracks.  I often measure the quality of my days by how actively I worked throughout the whole day. I feel proud of the day I can recall a long list... Continue Reading →

Living as a Christian During the Pandemic

How do we live well as Christians in our world? Ironically we’ve always asked this question, but today it feels new and radical. Jesus called us to Love God with our heart, soul, and mind and to love our neighbors as ourselves. Coronavirus hasn’t limited our access to God at all. Through the internet and... Continue Reading →

Wisdom for the Epidemic

The rate at which I'm making things up these days has increased faster than the coronavirus! Every day I read another update that part of my world has changed. Every day I seemed to face a new situation. Today I just found out that our daughters will have school canceled until May 1st. We get... Continue Reading →

A Few Thoughts on Arguments

The topic of this blog goes against my very grain. The issue of this blog goes against the heart of who I am and my very nature. Yet, the theme of this blog strikes at the heart of something I'm wrestling with today. I finished working through Buster Benson's book, "Why are we yelling?" Benson's... Continue Reading →

So Many Needle Marks!

It shocks me still that this will never end. I have to search through a sea of needle marks and sore skin to find yet another clear spot. I hate marring her beautiful 7-year-old skin with yet more needles and adhesives. The double death Tonight we discovered her transmitter battery died. This death coincided with... Continue Reading →

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