Crystallizing moments

We waited two months after our first scare to find the real truth. Isabelle has Leukemia. The truth crystallized in a moment of faith as we trusted the doctor. I flirted with the truth for months before making the choice to ask Ashley out. Following that moment of decision everything made sense. Every week I... Continue Reading →

Donald and Anne Nelson

How can these two realities coexist?! One family endures some of the greatest tragedies possible while still stepping up to  form pillars of the church at the same time!? About four years back a man with military haircut and his talkative wife 😉 followed two energetic girls into our church.  Fresh in town, they had... Continue Reading →

Violence Caused By The Church!

Can you imagine a time when you could lose your life if someone said one thing about you to the police? A time when you had no right to a public defender and a false confession could get tortured out of you all within legal means! No, you don’t hail from modern day Pyongyang, North... Continue Reading →

My Clueless Care

It’s amazing how much having a daughter with leukemia gives me a lot more to say to people in the hospital. You would be surprised how often I really don’t know what to say when I visit hurting people. I feel a lot like Peter in the Bible where it says "Peter did not want... Continue Reading →

Surprised on Sunday

The alarm rang and it hit me, "I didn't know how the sermon would go!" Since I had to preach in 4 hours, this really concerned me. I worked on that message for 20 days straight! Those who showed up yesterday might not believe, it but I actually practiced 12 times before stepping on stage... Continue Reading →

Week; Weak

This week raced by. Another day flew past in the hospital with Isabelle. Her port stopped working so now we have surgery to fix it.  I stand profoundly grateful for the encouragement of friends. I find myself humbled by the mercy and generosity of God. I also experience the work, the humbling work, learning to... Continue Reading →


6 AM Alarm clock rings and Ashley immediately shushes me. She whispers (to a half deaf man😀) something about Isabelle. I make my way through the dark to find Isabelle curled up on the floor behind the door in our bedroom. Facedown, butt stuck up in the air she wandered into our room and fell... Continue Reading →

The danger of Facebook and YouTube

I lived a profoundly fulfilling day today. Yet, Facebook and YouTube deserve absolutely no credit for today’s significance. Quite the opposite, these services (which I use and enjoy) actually make life less significant and fulfilling. Let me explain. The power of a small face-to-face community I got to lead a small group at church wrestling with... Continue Reading →

Evolution, A Few Thoughts

Thanks to a conversation with a good friend I think a little differently about evolution. My tendency as a Christian leans toward reacting against the word “evolution. Too often I see it as a threat to my belief rather than a tool for science. Yet, honestly used the theory of evolution serves as merely a scientific... Continue Reading →

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