Erin Gregory @ The YMCA

By the Wabash River in Fairbanks Park sits an old YWCA building. For the past 6 years a resurrected YMCA has given this building life. This life arrived through the hard efforts of leaders such as Deb Ringo and Eleanor Ramseier and others. Over the last couple years this YMCA has gone through some major... Continue Reading →

Don’t fear fear!

Everything stopped when she saw the needle approach. Despite surviving literally hundreds of shots this year Christina could barely handle the thought of the sensor needle approaching. It took my full 200 pounds laying on her to complete a very quick, simple, low pain sensor replacement. She feared the thought of the injection more than... Continue Reading →

Life with a diabetic daughter: update

I'm always impressed how much Isabelle holds her own while asleep. Christina rolls over and clobbers her and Isa pushes back with all her tiny might. I stand amazed how they both remain asleep through the unconscious wrestling match. Tonight I sneak in again for the 10:30 nightly bolus shot. (This is the "long-term" insulin... Continue Reading →

“Freedom” could kill you

If I let her, Christina would eat an entire container of chocolate ice cream in one sitting. And that would probably kill her. Both my girls wish for greater freedom. Freedom to stay up later, eat more junk food, and do whatever they want. Yet only when they submit to Ashley and I do they... Continue Reading →

God loves the prostitutes

With a squeal of joy the wedding planner just agreed to buy the house from Mena and her mom. Ashley and I smiled and looked over at each other, "She would be a fun person to know," Ashley said. I smile as we finished another nightly episode of "Good Bones." Late nights spent with my... Continue Reading →

I Can Only Imagine

I usually only cry in the woods. By myself, at least half a mile in and 45 minutes from home. Periodically I take day long retreats to spend time with God. There I find the aches, disappointments and hurts of life catch up with me. I cry a little and then God and I talk... Continue Reading →

A few thoughts missing my church

You don't miss sleep until childcare steals it away. You don't miss good health until the stomach flu arrives in you. You don't miss Christian Community until you can't go to church. Palm Sunday morning in bed made for a weird start to my day. I eased into the day with hope my throwing up... Continue Reading →


One hour ago I stood over the sleeping body of my daughter. Silently wiping her belly I pushed the needle in. Flinching, she rolled over and I crept out. In three hours and 35 minutes I will shake myself awake and sneak back in test to her blood sugar. Tomorrow and each day she attends... Continue Reading →

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