Why I love the Vigo YMCA

My eyes opened and I jumped awake. Isabelle stood beside the bed staring. Then I remembered, we converted her to a toddler bed last night. Tapping my watch read 7:15 AM. Time to get up. A sleepy Isabelle followed me through the morning dusk. Scooping her up I immediately soaked myself. Then I remembered she... Continue Reading →

What makes an incredible college friend?

Sitting in the cafeteria I stared blankly across the table. Three others just survived an insane biology test. All of us possessed the confidence of some academic success in high school but a college biology test challenged everything. Coming up with reasons to laugh  helped us forget the brutality of Dr Goff's biology exam.  How... Continue Reading →

Reaction? No reaction.

The day begin with the wrong alarm. I woke up late hearing Ashley's alarm and discovered my alarm read 7:15p.m.. Rolling out of bed I dove into a surprising day. Entrusting Christy to a trusted friend we hit the road for Riley. Pulling into the garage we surprised ourselves with a third-floor spot. Typically roof-parkers... Continue Reading →

Life with leukemia

With a jerk,  Isabelle looked up at Ashley and I wide eyed, and fell limp. Handing her inert form to nurses, Ashley and I wound our way through tubes and wires out of the room. Waiting for her to wake up later inspired prayers and trust in God.  Yesterday marked the beginning of a renewed,... Continue Reading →

Inspiring Solutions I Met Today

Today I met solutions to Terre Haute's problems. I didn't find them in meetings or read them in the news. They didn't cost money but they showed up in stories. I encountered the first fix sitting in a wicker lawn chair reading my tattered Bible. While I enjoyed the cool morning God reminded me why... Continue Reading →

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