A Few Thoughts on Arguments

The topic of this blog goes against my very grain. The issue of this blog goes against the heart of who I am and my very nature. Yet, the theme of this blog strikes at the heart of something I'm wrestling with today. I finished working through Buster Benson's book, "Why are we yelling?" Benson's... Continue Reading →

So Many Needle Marks!

It shocks me still that this will never end. I have to search through a sea of needle marks and sore skin to find yet another clear spot. I hate marring her beautiful 7-year-old skin with yet more needles and adhesives. The double death Tonight we discovered her transmitter battery died. This death coincided with... Continue Reading →

Please doodle in church

Without the supernatural intervention of God, your pastor absolutely cannot compete with the power of Facebook and Instagram during service. Social media companies invest hundreds of millions of dollars into making their content addictive. Google makes its billions off of your attention. I don't write this post to knock on social media or Google. You... Continue Reading →

Vitreoretinal Surgery Update

I still surprise myself when I remember how I almost lost my vision twice last year. Then I feel the contact lens in my left eye and remember everything. A story of two surgeries To recap, coming home from vacation in March last year, the vision in my left eye looked like dizziness that you... Continue Reading →

My Ironic Hope for CBC

Low numbers Last Saturday, 25 people attended our Overcomer movie night outreach. Sunday morning, about the same number of people or less showed up for church. Throughout the fall, we averaged in the 40s and high 30s. In January, we've lived in the mid to upper 20s. When you consider the people who call CBC... Continue Reading →

A few thoughts on Apple Christmas 2019

Blissfully cornered in a local Starbucks with a supply of dark roast with peppermint syrup I settled in for Apple Christmas. This year I joined a fellow enthusiast as we reviewed the launch live as it unveiled. The following stands out to me as essential highlights from Today's Apple event. I will skip mentioning the... Continue Reading →

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