Leukemia, Social Media, and Escapism

Sprawled on the floor of the hospital, I surprised myself with disappointment. Dr. Pradha had just detailed how Isabelle didn't have Leukemia! A whirlwind of thousands of prayers over five days  had resulted in victory! Lurking in the celebration lay the faintest hint of something that didn't sense. March 10, 2017 Six days before... Continue Reading →

Drugs and Exhaustion

As I looked up from my laptop, the room swam before my eyes. I felt like my head, and the pain inside had somehow distanced itself from the rest of my body. Then I panicked, I had a funeral to lead in a few hours! This space cadet moment resulted from me trying to deal... Continue Reading →

Faith in a health storm

A storm collided with our lives three years ago, and it hasn't stopped since. March 11, 2017, a pediatrician visit snowballed into an ambulance ride to Indianapolis. April 18, 2017, I nearly swerved off the road with the words "Isabelle has Leukemia." January 26, 2018, Ashley takes two steps back in a game of pickleball... Continue Reading →

Scleral buckle surgery and how I got there.

Imagine getting a piece of plastic wrapped around and sewn to your eyeball. Then, your eyes gets frozen in several spots and filled all the way up with a gas bubble. This summarizes the crazy surgery that saved my eyesight Thursday. If you haven't followed my story let me explain: Everything started with a bit... Continue Reading →

Friends in a Health storm

In a moment, I changed from apologizing for coming to shocked at what I faced. Everything started on Tuesday. I couldn't shake the feeling that something was off in my eye. The one I had surgery on. Wednesday morning, I called the doctors office. I struggled to describe the situation because it wasn't that bad.... Continue Reading →

A one-eyed perspective on Palm Sunday

We broke the rules this year. But hey, why work at an independent church if don't switch things up? I know some will see this as a significant eye-roller but celebrating Palm Sunday a week early is living on the wild side for me. Having arrested your attention, let's talk about Palm Sunday. In short,... Continue Reading →

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