Vitreoretinal Surgery Update

I still surprise myself when I remember how I almost lost my vision twice last year. Then I feel the contact lens in my left eye and remember everything. A story of two surgeries To recap, coming home from vacation in March last year, the vision in my left eye looked like dizziness that you... Continue Reading →

Three words to change your life

What three words would they be? " What three words would cause a fundamental change in who you are?  For more than 2000 years Christianity has been at the epicenter of life  change. Sure, there were times the church coasted on power. Caricatures dominated the landscape. Yet, the reason the church has the growth and... Continue Reading →

Today at the hospital

I still could not believe what I saw. My wife stood checking in my two year old under a sign which read, "Pediatric cancers and blood disorders." We've probably been here 15 times yet the shock remains. Our daughter has leukemia. Isabelle fluttered around more cheerfully than usual. She hopped up onto the scale for her... Continue Reading →

Great quote from "In The Gap – What happens when God's people stand strong." -Wilfredo De Jesús 

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