Vitreoretinal Surgery Update

I still surprise myself when I remember how I almost lost my vision twice last year. Then I feel the contact lens in my left eye and remember everything. A story of two surgeries To recap, coming home from vacation in March last year, the vision in my left eye looked like dizziness that you... Continue Reading →

Drugs and Exhaustion

As I looked´┐╝ up from my laptop, the room swam before my eyes. I felt like my head, and the pain inside had somehow distanced itself from the rest of my body. Then I panicked, I had a funeral to lead in a few hours! This space cadet moment resulted from me trying to deal... Continue Reading →

Scleral buckle surgery and how I got there.

Imagine getting a piece of plastic wrapped around and sewn to your eyeball. Then, your eyes gets frozen in several spots and filled all the way up with a gas bubble. This summarizes the crazy surgery that saved my eyesight Thursday. If you haven't followed my story let me explain: Everything started with a bit... Continue Reading →

Friends in a Health storm

In a moment, I changed from apologizing for coming to shocked at what I faced. Everything started on Tuesday. I couldn't shake the feeling that something was off in my eye. The one I had surgery on. Wednesday morning, I called the doctors office. I struggled to describe the situation because it wasn't that bad.... Continue Reading →

Yes, we lost insurance again due to bureaucracy

April 1, 2019, I underwent emergency eye surgery without insurance. This is not an April fools joke. This is government bureaucracy. (Read about the first time we lost insurance due to bureaucracy.) Let me explain Due to the confluence of many health problems and the pay limitations of my (honestly generous) little church our family... Continue Reading →

Retinal Reattachment Surgery

Staggering into the bathroom this morning, I discovered my vision worsened through the night. A cloud of black now eclipsed 80% of my left eye. I clung to trust in God and the hope of surgery later today. A wrench thrown in the works Everything changed at 10 AM with a phone call. The original... Continue Reading →

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